Greenwood High students unleash their scientific creativity at INVENIO 2018

Bangalore, April 30, 2018: From incredible models of drones for irrigation, automated water recycling unit, wearable piezoelectric devices, CarbFix, conservation of wildlife, solar robots for farming, Artificial Intelligence to detect deforestation, windmills to conserve energy, computer science and robotics models to various other innovative concepts, INVENIO 2018 witnessed a confluence of scientific ideas to deal with important global issues. The students of Greenwood High International School celebrated INVENIO 2018- a science exhibition held at Sarjapur campus that was centered on the theme “Innovation for conservation”.

One of theinnovations was on building a material that would absorb Kinetic Energy andconvert it to electric energy and the students made use of a piezoelectricgenerator for the same. Piezoelectricity is the phenomenon where materialstress separates the charges in a piezoelectric material to create a potentialdifference across it. They set up these generators and attached them to a plate.Upon repeated impact on the plate, the generators charged up a capacitor enoughto produce electricity to light an LED. 

Anotherproject focused on hydroponic systems which implemented growing plants withoutsoil. The nutrients which were supposed to be obtained from the soil areprovided for by the water in which the fish thrive. The use of water from afish tank environment enabled the plants to absorb nutrients present in thefish excreta which would travel to the roots of the plants via water. The use ofan alternative growth medium greatly reduces the pressure on soil andeliminates the need for external fertilizers, insecticides, weedicides andother such chemicals and thus eliminates ecological problems such as biologicalmagnification. 

One moregroup of five came up with an idea to harness the energy expended by people ingyms to create electrical energy that can power the gym equipment, making thegym self-sustaining, thereby helping to conserve energy. For the model theyused a bicycle on a stand to imitate a stationary bike in the gym, andconnected an AC generator to the back wheel. The motion of the wheel when thebicycle is pedalled turns the coil by the means of a belt connected to the axleof the wheel. The coil rotates in a magnetic field created by placing twostrong magnets on either side of the coil. Electrical energy is generated inthe circuit connected to the coil due to the Principle of ElectromagneticInduction. In their model they connected a bulb to the circuit. 

Ms. NiruAgarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School, said, “I believe the scientificcuriosity of children should be allowed to run free and not be tamed within theconfines of a book. They should be encouraged to cultivate critical thinkingand delve deeper to understand the technicalities of innovation. ThroughINVENIO, we try creating such a platform for our children to showcase theircreativity”.

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