Growth and Innovation are key for nation building”: Ramesh Krishnan, India CEO, IHH Healthcare

Bengaluru, September 19th, 2017: IFIM Business School, Bangalore held its two day International Conference, Convergence on the 15th and 16th of September. The event themed ‘Management 2022: Growth and Sustainability Challenges’, comprised of a series of plenary sessions and paper presentations.

Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Centre of DevelopmentEducation, commented on the transformation that our country is goingthrough today which will be a remarkable step in the development of India. “Beit economically, socially or technologically, innovation is the key to everyform of growth. This innovation will be brought by the young minds of thisnation who are now in their growth phase. Hence, this is a crucial time. Withthe right ecosystem build around them, they will grow with the potential thatmany cannot predict.”

During the keynote address, Mr. RameshKrishnan, CEO, India and Head of MESA, Parkway Pentai, IHH Healthcare,Singapore said, “Growth and innovation are two terms which have playedan essential part in my journey. I have travelled from being an engineer tomoving to MBA, then healthcare, and now mergers and acquisitions. At eachstage, I realized that innovation begins from the self. If you don’t constantlygrow and innovate, you cannot have a lasting impact in your life, in the largercommunity and the nation as a whole. Youngsters need to feel that ‘Aha’ momentof life which comes when you feel the growth in life.”

Members of the panel discussion included RamaN.S, CEO ELCITA, Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma, Former DirectorGeneral, NIELIT, Pankaj Mishra, Executive Director (Global ITSourcing), Sony Pictures Limited and Gururaj Deshpande, VicePresident and Head Bangalore Development Centre, Infosys on the topic of Innovationas a Growth Driver: Challenges and opportunities.

Speaking on the challenges of the entertainmentindustry, Pankaj Mishra, Executive Director of Sony Pictures emphasizedon how the new players like Netflix and Amazon have built an empire in theindustry which was ruled by a handful of players for about 20 years. “Sony hasseen all ups and downs of the entertainment industry and yet managed to keep astrong name because it believed that innovation has to go hand in hand withtime.”

Thepapers presented were based on the tracks of Innovations in Finance, The FutureMarketing,  Emerging Trends in Technology and Business, Challenges inSupply Chain Management and Logistics and Strategy, Innovation,Entrepreneurship and Corporate Ethics.


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