Hairline International ranked #1 Trichology Clinic in Bengaluru for the third time in a row

Bengaluru, October 12th, 2017: Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic has been ranked as #1 Trichology Clinic in Bengaluru for the 3rd year in a row. This is in the Regional Rankings (South) of the All-India Lifestyle Hospital and Clinic Survey conducted by i3RCInsights Pvt Ltd, a boutique research and consultancy firm. Hairline International surpassed numerous city-based organizations to make it to the top of the list. With this third consecutive ranking, Hairline International’s work in the field of hair and skin care management stands recognized for its quality of services offered.

Speaking onsecuring the first position for the 3rd time, Dr. Bani Anand,Founder and Managing Director of Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinicsays, “Every year we have worked consistently at introducing the latest intechnology and treatment forms for our clients. It is wonderful to berecognized for our consistent and quality work for the third time. To be rankedas #1 Trichology Clinic consistently means that as a growing organization weare on the right path. It is also a pat on the back and immense motivation forthe entire staff at Hairline International”.

TheSurvey ProcessThe survey by i3RCInsights Pvt Ltd had three modules of research as elaborated below:

Module 1– Desk Research –This was a secondary research modular. This is where a comprehensive list ofhospitals and clinics that provided elective lifestyle procedures was collated.This was based on lists available from previous surveys and suggestions byexperts. Also included were hospitals that may have been suggested byrespondents in the survey. This was further narrowed down to thoseestablishments offering only elective lifestyle procedures in specifictreatment areas.

Module 2– Factual Data Collection – Each of the hospitals/clinics were sent a detailed questionnaireto fill up. The follow up for this was done via telephone. The data sheetanalyzed in depth the following:

  • Infrastructure and facilities offered
  • Technology and equipment available
  • Research facilities
  • Medical panel on board
  • Recognitions
  • Value for money
  • Geographic footprint
  • International exposure
  • General public perception

Module 3– Perceptual Survey –This was administered to respondents and was considered for awareness scores aswell. The respondents were allowed to respond only on the clinics and hospitalsthat they were aware of and had some interaction with.

Finalratings were based on a perceptual score and a factual score, each of whichwere calculated with certain parameters in place. There were also a fewassumptions that were made during the course of the survey. For example, shouldan establishment not have completed the survey, then an aggregate of theirresponses would be taken into consideration. Government funded and charitableorganizations and the like were not included in the survey. Only a few emergingcities were included in the survey such as those of Hyderabad, Chennai,Bhubaneshwar etc.

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