Hairline International Unveils Rigenera Activa – A Procedure for Autologous Skin Micrografting

Bangalore, April 3, 2018: Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic has been working tirelessly in the field of regenerative therapies for hair and skin and is today proud to unveil Rigenera Activa, a specialized technology imported from Italy to launch autologous skin micrografting in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss for the first time in India.

This therapymakes use of tissue from a patient to create an ideal cocktail of growthenhancement cells that is introduced into the scalp or the skin to encouragehair growth. The process involves just one sitting and results can be seen asearly as within a month. Rigenera Activa is approved by the US FDA, Japan’sPMPD and is CE certified.

Speaking atthe unveiling of Rigenera Activa, Dr. Bani Anand, Founder and Director,Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic says, “This is a standaloneprocedure and can be used for treating hair loss up to Grade 4. For skin, theprocess of injecting takes about 20 minutes and the recovery time is aroundhalf hour, making it an ideal procedure. The procedure itself is completed inone sitting of not more than 30 minutes and results can be seen as early aswithin a month. Follow-ups are required just once a year for a short while.This procedure works for anyone above 21 years of age”.

Explainingthe procedure that is scientifically known as stromal vascular fraction, Dr.Dinesh G Gowda, Senior Dermato-surgeon, Hairline International Hair and SkinClinic explains, “Whether for hair or for skin, the epidermal layer is removedand around 2mm of the patient’s own tissue from the dermis, including fat istaken out. This tissue contains many growth factors and progenitor cells amongother components. This is pulverized in a specialized machine and then issubject to filtration using a biological filter. This separates the progenitorcells, growth factors such as endothelial growth factors, fibroblast hairfollicles etc.,which support hair follicles and skin cells – for growth as wellas formation of new hair follicles and skin cells”.

Dr. Gowdaadds that this cocktail of growth enhancers is injected via a thin needle intothe scalp or the skin at areas needed. The process may be repeated in a year ifneeded for skin and if one would like a dense growth of hair.

Elaboratingon the benefits of such a process, Dr. Gowda explains, “While hair transplantremains the best form of therapy, this therapy makes use of the patient’s owntissue to create an effective cocktail and works better than individual growthfactors which are used. This therapy may be used alone or with hair transplant.It may be used with PRP as well.

Some otherbeneficial applications of the therapy are in the treatment of scars, Vitiligo,wound healing and face rejuvenation as well and stretch marks”.

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