Haptik with Ziman provides chatbot security services

Mumbai, 13th October, 2017: Haptik, one of the world’s largest chatbot platforms, has recently taken a bold step that has transformed the security services domain. It has associated with Ziman, a comprehensive personal-cum-digital security services that connects users to near and dear ones in case of an emergency and also provides protection against digital threats to their phones. The partnership with Haptik makes Ziman the first security service provider in the world to leverage a chatbot’s services.

Through thistie-up, Ziman will enrich its all-encompassing personal safety features withthe voice of Haptik’s chatbot, who will speak with the user if and when theyfeel unsafe while travelling. The chatbot will continue to ask questionsrelated to the location, nearby landmarks, vehicle details, area details, time,and other emergency information and maintain an updated database of the same.Furthermore, the chatbot also has the ability to route the user to a humanagent. This will add another layer of user engagement and assurance to theZiman app. 

Haptik hasearned great accolades as a unique and easy-to-interact chatbot that can helpany individual do more by setting reminders, paying bills, booking flights, aswell as finding out great places to hang out. Having felt the need to create asafety-centric feature, especially considering the issues concerning the safetyof women and road rage in India, it partnered with Ziman to implement thisundoubtedly advantageous feature for the society. 

Elaboratingon the association, Haptik Co-Founder Aakrit Vaish said,“Ziman is the world’s first Personal security Service enabled by a chatbot. Ithas a host of features that provides personal safety, live tracking of pets,kids, and senior citizens, maintains Digital privacy while doing onlinetransaction, creates a secure environment for mobile phones and offering eKYCaadhaar verification.

Ziman isbacked by Response Management Services thru a 24x7 operated National CommandCentre Through Haptik’s 24x7 chatbot, Ziman users can now find a friendly voiceaccompanying them throughout a lonely journey, assuring them of help at theclick of a button while collecting all the necessary data simultaneously!” 

Withsuccessive use, Haptik’s chatbot will also develop knowledge of the mode ofcommute of Ziman users, their occupation, frequency of travel, no. of familymembers, and their contact number etc. Elaborating on the value brought aboutby Haptik’s chatbot, Vishal Sriwastava VP ZICOM Care said,“While core surveillance and tech-based security measures were our forte,Haptik’s chatbot has brought in a real-time data accumulation-enabled securitymechanism that provides much-needed comfort to a user in times of deepdistress. Its conversational quality and deep learning-based mechanism ensuresit learns quickly about the normal commuting behaviour of a user, and hence canswiftly detect any anomaly.”

 One ofthe oldest chatbot platforms in the world, Haptik has earned accolades for itsefficient and simple AI-based personal assistance. With this association,Haptik has once underlined its core values and highlighted its sustainedefforts towards providing a convenient solution to India’s everyday concerns,such as the very fundamental desire to travel safely anywhere withoutworrying!

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