Harika adjudged best women’s player at Reykjavik Open 2017

Reykjavik, April 28: Indian Grand Master Harika Dronavalli ended her campaign on a high note with a win against Jakob Pfreundt of Germany at the Reykjavik Open late here on Thursday night.

The WorldNo. 11 Indian who dominated the game from the initial moments had to toil for alittle less than four hours to eke out a victory against her German opponent.“From a normal position in the game, I constructed an attack on my opponent’sking which was successful due to a few errors from him in the hard foughtencounter,” Harika said after her last game in the tournament.

Playing forthe fifth time in Iceland, the Indian was quite satisfied by her performance asshe was adjudged the ‘best women’s player of the tournament’ and gained tworating points to add the cherry on top of the cake. 

“I played alot of really interesting games throughout the tournament and performed well. Ialso kept up my tradition to win the best women’s player award each time I’vecome to Iceland,” the jubilant Hyderabadi said. 

The Gunturlass ended the tournament with six wins, two draws and two losses to finish 17th withseven points in the 10-round Swiss tournament which saw 267 players across theglobe competing for the coveted crown.

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