Health fraternity demands political parties to include tobacco control in manifesto

Bengaluru, March 22, 2018: With state assembly elections around the corner, members of the Consortium for Tobacco Free Karnataka (CFTFK), an umbrella body of health experts and institutes batting for public health, have urged the major political parties to include tobacco control measures in their manifest followed by action while in power.

Dr. USVishal Rao, a cancer surgeon and member of the Consortium, submitted a related memorandum toDr. B. L. Shankar, K.P.C.C. Vice President, Karnataka, Shri Suresh Kumar, MLA,Bharatiya Janata Party, Karnataka and Shri Ramesh Babu, MLC, JDS Spokesperson,Karnataka, recently and urged them to their respective parties to include inthe manifesto followed by policies and programs which will result in preventingunnecessary burden of tobacco related diseases and death. “Your simple actioncan save more lives which even a doctor cannot do,” he told the leaders.

Mr. SJChander, convenor, CFTFK, said that, in Karnataka nearly 2 crores are addicted to tobacco in oneform or the others, in which 1/3 of them amounting to nearly 66 lakhs willdie  premature due to tobacco related diseases. “These Deaths and theburden of disease due to tobacco is preventable if political parties considerthe measures suggested by us,” he added.

Somemajor points in the memorandum:

• Strictimplementation of Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA).

• Completeban of sale of drugs and Tobacco products around the educational institutions.

•Rehabilitate tobacco farmers. Support and encourage them towards alternatecropping.

• Publicawareness on harmful effects of tobacco is an important measure for promoting


• Continuedcommitment towards tobacco control policies.

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