Healthy diet for a working women

Women today are superstars balancing between the demands of family and profession, coping with the pressure to look healthy and eating a certain way, many women are finding it very difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Women are always prone to neglects their own dietary needs, prioritizing the needs of their family first. This should be neglected and women should start focusing on their diet to avoid complications later. Consumption of the right amount of food would not only boost up your mood or energy, but will also help in maintaining a healthy weight, leading to a great support through every stage of a women’s life.

A balanceddiet is a basic essential for a women’s health. Women likewise men should enjoya wide variety of foods, such as the fruits, whole grains, vegetables, leanproteins, healthy fats and low-fat dairy products. Women who in-take healthyfood are benefitted by easy pregnancy and nursing, which helps in reducingtheir PMS and keeping the bones resilient and also builds up a strong immunityto resist the symptoms of menopause. 

A good dietplan which is well balanced and includes all the vital nutrients is veryessential, for any working women. It’s not just the working fraternity but alsoto every girl and a homemaker. A diet chart should be planned in a way which isnot complicated to follow, it must remain flexible, and include a wide varietyof food put together. 

Here aresome tips, for a working women to stay healthy and fit:

·Don’tskip breakfast: In whatever hurry you are, skipping breakfast is abiggest sin to health. A good healthy breakfast, starting with fruits willalways help in keeping oneself energetic all day. 

·Homemadelunch: It is mandatory for working women to carry lunch from home andavoid outside food, home prepared food is always healthy, and without gettingbored by a monotonous food every day, lunch can be cooked differently by addingenough proteins and vitamins to it. 

Haveenough water: Women needs to keep themselves hydrated, ensuring thatthey carry a bottle of water to office every day, as dehydration can keep themtiring and exhausted. 

· Avoidprocessed food: Drinks and processed foods are always should always bean option to opt out. Foods like sugary snacks, extra salted cookies and whichcontains white flour and added preservatives are the antecedents to lifestylediseases.

5 BestPower Foods for Women


This fruitis one of the best food women should be eating, as it is very high inmetabolism and it acts as an antioxidant which strengthens the body’s immunesystem. Apples are among one of three foods, which is most effective inreducing coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and the risk of deathsamong women. 

2. Dark Chocolates

Cocoa’sbenefits health by its high concentrations of polyphenols and flavones, whichprotects the heart. Consuming cocoa as hot drink or dark chocolate are in a bettercardiovascular shape than other’s. It is also found that people eat an ounceand a half of dark chocolates, every day for a couple of weeks, are stress freeand feel very less frazzled. 

3. Olive Oil

Olive oilhelps women in lowering their ‘bad’ cholesterol and raise ‘good’ cholesterol,which in turn helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. A healthy dietincluding fats like olive oil, favours women from the prevention of heartattacks, strokes, paralysis and usually deaths due to high cardio vascularrisks.


Eating ahealthy diet, which includes fiber- rich whole grains, oatmeal and proteins canhelp women cope against the odds of developing type 2 diabetes and heartdiseases. Oatmeal helps women to lose weight by an easier way, eating oatskeeps one full. It slows down the emptying of stomach and increases the satietyhormone PYY.  

5.AvocadosThese also known as butter fruit, arerich in monounsaturated fat, which helps women to nourish their skin, nails andhairs. The content of lutein, also adds to the improvement of eyes. These arealso very high in potassium, which aids in lower blood pressure.

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