Bengaluru, April 24, 2018: With the purpose of making the world healthier and happier, premier global nutrition company, Herbalife, is strengthening its digestive health category in India with the launch of Herbal Aloe Concentrate. This brings the total number of Herbalife products in the digestive health category available in the country up to four – the others being Activated Fiber, Active Fiber Complex and Aloe Plus.

Herbal AloeConcentrate is formulated with premium-quality Aloe Vera to support digestivehealth .It can be used as refreshing drink when mixed with water and can serveas a healthy replacement for soft drinks or high-sugar juices, as the productis low in calories.

Commentingon the launch of Herbal AloeConcentrate, Ajay Khanna, Vice President andCountry Head – Herbalife International India Pvt, Ltd, said, “The start pointfor overall well-being isa good and healthy digestion. A lot of ailments havetheir root cause in poor digestion resulting from an improper digestive health.At  Herbalife, we are driven by ourpurpose of helping people lead healthier lives. With the addition of the HerbalAloe Concentrate, we now offer a suite of products in this category to suitconsumers’ preferences for digestive health.”

Aloe Vera isa common plant that has traditionally been used in topical form in variousregions for thousands of years, including Egyptian, Chinese, European andIndian cultures, with recognized benefits for wound healing andanti-inflammatory properties. There are several additional benefits fromanother form of Aloe when it is used for consumption, which has been used inAyurveda and South African Medicine. The plant has been incorporated in Indiansystems of indigenous medicine, including Ayurveda,Sidda, Unani and homeopathy,for digestive health.

 The MRP of the product is Rs. 2,206

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