Himalaya enters into mom and baby retail sector

Bengaluru 28 April, 2017: Himalaya BabyCare, a leading homegrown baby care brand from The Himalaya Drug Company, announced its entry into exclusive moms & babies retail sector. The announcement comes with the launch of company’s first ever exclusive ‘moms & babies’ shop in Bengaluru.

Himalayaplans to introduce additional 25 new outlets in leading metros and non-metrocities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh,Jaipur, Udaipur and Indore etc. in this fiscal year. The company also has plansto engage with franchisee partners to increase the strength of these outlets to100 in next five years. 

The newlylaunched ‘moms & babies’ shop in Bengaluru, offers acomplete range of Himalaya BabyCare and Himalaya FOR MOMS products. As part ofits innovative offering, the shop will assist mothers with doctor consultationservices and have breast-feeding units and nappy changing units within theshop. 

Himalaya’sMoms and Babies shop consists of 100 SKUs of entire product range of HimalayaFOR MOMS and BabyCare such as toning massage oil, soothing body butter, nipplecare cream, and anti rash cream, baby lotion, baby cream, gentle baby shampoo,all variants of baby soaps, prickly heat baby powder, baby massage oil, gentlebaby bath, diapers and diaper rash cream, wipes, and all gift packs. 

Speakingon the launch of Himalaya Moms and Babies Shop, Mr. N V. Chakravarthi, GeneralManager, Himalaya BabyCare said, “It has been our constant effort to provide people witha better quality of life through wellness. With the launch of Himalaya’sexclusive shop for moms and babies, we will be able to create visibility aswell as provide easy and convenient access to Himalaya BabyCare & FOR MOMSproducts under one roof. Currently, we are present in chemist, modern tradeoutlets, Himalaya retail outlets and e-commerce. Being the second leadingBabyCare brand in India we wanted to further expand our footprint by launchingour own exclusive outlet.” 

“We intendto provide customer delight in our exclusive shop by offering consultations andantenatal classes. In addition to this, we also hope to provide zones such asdiaper changing units and breastfeeding rooms”, added Mr. Chakravarthi.

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