Hinduja Global Solutions distributes 2,800 Re-usable Sanitary Pads to 700 adolescent girls

Bangalore, March 09, 2018: Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) (listed in BSE & NSE), as part of International Women’s Day 2018, has launched a campaign to distribute Potlis (bags) with 2,800 reusable sanitary napkins to 700 adolescent girls in Government schools across Bangalore, Mysore, Guntur, Hyderabad and Chennai from March 2 – 9, 2018.

Studiesreveal that there is approximately 70% increase in reproductive relatedinfection due to poor management during the menstrual cycle. HGS has tied upwith Magic Bus India Foundation and Jatan Sansthan for the CSR campaign, Potlisfor Progress, to focus on women’s health and personal hygiene. Thecampaign aims to sensitize underprivileged adolescent girls about personalhygiene, menstrual cycle and the benefits of using menstrual products throughawareness sessions conducted by female healthcare experts. 

SmitaGaikwad, Senior Vice President – Global Corporate Communication & CSR, HGS said, “On this InternationalWomen’s Day, HGS is looking to address the issue of personal hygiene of younggirls in India through Potlis for Progress campaign. We believethis is an apt issue to take cognizance of and enable a change in mindset, sothat these girls grow up to be healthy and more prepared to live life withoutanything to hold them back.”  

Each Potli consistsof three heavy flow insert pads along with three insert towels, contains sixlayers of absorbent cotton fabric and an instruction manual. 

"Weare happy to be part of this campaign and offer our support to orient thesegirls on the importance of maintaining good health, leading hygienic life andbreaking the taboo around menstruation. We are confident that this campaignwill help them take a step towards leading a healthier and happier life.”said Natasha Ramarathnam, Regional Director - South, Magic Bus IndiaFoundation. 

“We, atJatan Sansthan, are delighted to collaborate with HGS in their CSR initiativeto support a sustainable solution for menstrual health. Uger reusable clothpads can be used for more than 18 menstrual cycles. These cloth pads are goodfor health and bio-degradable when you discard them eventually,” said Dr. Kailash Brijwasi,Executive Director – Jatan Sansthan, Udaipur.

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