Hindware Announces New Business Initiatives as a Part of Its Vision for 2020

Mumbai, July 28th, 2017: Hindware, India’s leading bathroom products company, redefined its brand identity with a new promise‘Start with the Expert’, and a new azure symbol of expertise HW. The company also unveiled their super-premium brand ALCHYMIcurated by India’s leading designer Manish Malhotra. Further, the brand inaugurated its state-of-the-art revolutionary concept store Lacasa in the upscale area of Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Hindware, through constant innovation and reinvention, continues to grow ahead of market. The brand is further strengthening its presence with new business initiatives aligned with its 2020 visionto stay relevant, make an impact and steer the consumers in the right direction in this rapidly evolving market. 

The company undertook extensive research and reached out to 20,000+consumer and 100+architects. This research suggested that modern consumers seek expert advice to validate their choices and make their hectic lives easy. The positioning of an Expert Companionembodies the trust and faith of the consumers which Hindware has assimilated over the past 57 years. Theazure symbol ‘HW’ symbolizes expertise in bathrooms which is rendered through 7 pillars, i.e.,Expert Helpline (1800 2000 7577) to address consumer queries in various language;DreamBath App 2.0 that helps to visualize the bathroom using oculus without actually making it;DreamBath Visualization Book having exquisite bathroom themes;Hindware Design Studio – state of the art design center; Expert website  (www.hindwarehomes.com) that assists the consumers with beautiful bathroom themes,  coordinated products and expert content; Expert stores to provide best in class experience;and specially trained Hindware in-store experts in select stores.Hindware will be stepping up investmentsacross ATL and BTL platforms to promote this new brand identity to engage consumers across multiple touch-points, including the digital media, to enhance visibility. 

With the consumers becoming increasingly well-traveled and style-conscious, bathrooms have evolved from being functional to more sensorial.Consumers are looking at super-premium solutions which can help them to personalize their bathrooms. Alchymi, Hindware’s latest super-premium brand, stands for ‘Style meets craft’ and is a design expert and has been created in the Hindware Design Studio using FloSense technology. Featuring four unique bath suites especially curated by celebrated designer Manish Malhotra, the brand will be available at 200+ Hindware brand stores stores pan-India. The suites will comprise of an exclusive range of WCs, basins, shower, faucets and accessories, etc. Manish Malhotra and Hindware Design Studio are developing new suites which will be introduced every quarter. This will help the consumers to get discerning designer bathrooms for themselves.  

“Hindware has been at the fore front of innovation for close to six decades. We have given many firsts to India, be it EWC couple closet Unitas, EWC one piece  water saving star rated products, Rimless, Nano WC with 1.5 liters flushing, etc. Today with the rapidly changing times, improved technology and product innovations coming into the category, bathrooms are becoming more personalized yet complex,” said Mr. Sandip Somany, VCMD, HSIL Limited. He further added, “Consumers are looking out for experts who can handhold them through their journey to create dream bathrooms. Hindware’s repositioning as an expert brand will fill that space and be a companion to consumers on their bathroom design journey.” 

Mr. ManishBhatia, President, Building Products Division, HSIL Limited, commented,“Hindware has long established itself as an expert in the business of what wedo. To reinforce this amongst our consumers and to aid them in their journeywith our brand, we decided the time was ripe to strengthen ourselves further basedon our long legacy of excellence.” He further added, “The seven new pillarsthrough which this expertise will be brought alive include the Expert Helpline,Hindware DreamBath App 2.0, Expert website, State of the art Hindware Designstudio, Digitally integrated brand stores, Hindware in-store consultants andHindwareDreamBath Book V2. Through these initiatives, we are not only expandingour footprint, but creating a space for our consumers to explore, with ourexpert help, the perfect fit to their tastes, preferences and lifestyles.”

HSILinaugurated its digitally integrated Lacasa store in Mumbai today to offer  one stop place for architects, interiordesigners, business buyers as well as homeowners a real time experience of theofferings by all the brands under HSIL –Queo, Alchymi, Hindware and Amore. The4000 sq. ft. showroom will have digital Integration at every point for easyselection of products where consumers will be provided a smart device tocapture their favorite products and then drop all of them into a smart screenfor consultancy and building a bathroom of choice. The specially designedstores will take consumers on an exhilarating journey with multiple alluringbathroom suites displaying beautiful combinations of the products. Apart from theother brands from the house of HSIL Limited, the Lacasa store will alsoshowcase and offer the 4 suites curated by designer Manish Malhotra from thelatest super-premium brand Alchymi. The company will invest aggressively insetting up 10 new Lacasa and 200+ Galleria stores across the country by 2020.

All thesenewinitiatives come from the core philosophy of assisting consumers in theirbathroom making journey.   

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