H.M Revanna has given his promise to Karnataka Maha Katik Samaj

Bangalore,September 15, 2017: Mr. H.M Revanna, a legislator of the Karnataka , will persuade Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to give two acres of land to the Katik community , "said HM Revanna, Karnataka Legislative Council at Hari Kalyana Mandapam, Bangalore on Monday. Speaking at the convention of Karnataka's Katik Samaj he said " The state government has allocated 2 acres of land for backward casts .The delegation of the community leaders will be taken to the chief minister and persuade him to give the land. "

  "Good education should be given to thechildren of the community. Education is important for any employment, includinggovernment work. If it comes to academically, it will be economically viable.He suggested that everyone should think about this.

  M.R. Managing Director of Class DevelopmentCorporation, D. Devaraja Raju. Ekanthappa, "The educational loan will begiven to the students by a corporation at Rs.2 lakh per annum at the interestrate of 2 per cent.

  "widows in the community will be given aRs. 40,000 loan at 4% interest rate. The Rs 3 lakh subsidy will be given topurchase taxi and freight vehicles for young people with graduation and drivinglicenses. The balance amount should be borne by the beneficiary. "

  "Strisakti the Association of Women insociety's interest at the rate of 4 per cent per annum madikondiddare 1.5million loan that will include those in which a subsidy of Rs 50 thousand.Under the Mahila Samridhi scheme, women can get a loan of Rs 35,000, "hesaid.

  Venkat Rao, general secretary of the society,the society katik khatik, Kalal, butcher, Butchers, Suryavanshi, KshatriyaMaratha called and called. The society is backward in all sectors, includingeducation, employment and business.

 There is no student room for convenience ofcommunity students. There is no community house. The government should supportthe development of the society that made the request.

Katik  community involved in the Convention.

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