Bangalore Hospice Trust – Karunashraya – was set up in 1994 as a Public Charitable Trust jointly by the Indian Cancer Society (Karnataka chapter) and Rotary Club of Bangalore, Indiranagar. Its aim is to provide free palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients.

The journeybegan in a small way with mobile home-care service operating with the use ofhired autorickshaws. Today, they have three home-care teams covering Bangalorecity upto 5 kms beyond the city limits.  A dedicated multi-disciplinary teamcomprising of a Doctor, nurses, counsellors, and social workers, visit thehomes of patients and families in and around Bangalore and provide palliativecare. Currently, home-care services are provided five days in the week anddepending on need, each patient is visited once or twice a week.  Inthe last 22 years, through the Home care services BHT have cared for around4051 patients and the average number of patients under care at any pointof time remains around 75.

Besides theHome Care team operating from Karunashraya which serviced patients in eastBangalore, a second Home Care unit was set up in 2005 in Jayanagar to meet therequirements of patients in south Bangalore. In July 2017, a 3rd HomeCare team started in collaboration with Sri Chandanmal Pukhraj BothraTrust.  This allowed the team to reach out to more patients acrosseast and north east Bangalore.

With a viewto alleviate the extreme suffering of the patients of advanced cancer and tomake medical consultation easily accessible to patients in east and north eastBangalore, there is a plan to start a clinical OPD for Cancer patients forsymptom management and pain relief at Bothra Trust premises once a week 

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