Homeopathy Doctors adopt Safer Medicine Practices

Bengaluru, 21 September, 2018 – City based homeopathy doctors and practitioners have begun implementing safer homeopathic dispensing practices in an effort to standardise and popularise the traditional form of medicine. The new practices have been adopted following reports of loose medicines sold in the market being laced with allopathic medicines and even steroids, sometimes in high dosages.

For the first time, doctors have started prescribing pre-medicated homeopathic medicines to patients that offer more quality, safety and hygiene than conventional drugs. These pre medicated medicines or Boiron Tubes as they are called, are high quality medicines packaged in a unique sealed tube and are considered gold standard in homeopathy. The tubes have ingredient labelling, indications, batch number, intelligent design, expiry dates and MRP listed on them giving patients more choice and convenience. Moreover, they are manufactured in high tech plants, untouched by hand.

Doctors have now started giving preference to dispensing packaged translucent globules over indigenous preparations. The globules are beginning to replace traditional solid chalky globules which have superficial coating of medicines sprayed over them. These new globules ensure equal distribution of medicine uniformly, do not dissolve in excess of liquid medicine and have no alcohol on their surface making them safe for children. The tubes are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic which does not react with the medicine.

Dr. MuddassirMulla, Homeopathic Physician, Advance Classical Homeo Clinic said, “Pre medicated drugs and contemporary packaging techniques are making homeopathic medicines extremely safe and fast acting with longer lasting effects. The new labelling standards are making patients trust in homeopathy as they are more aware about the ingredients as well as the manufacturing and expiry date of the drugs.”

Additionally, doctors have stopped selling branded medicines in their clinics. Non-qualified personnel are being dissuaded from dispensing these medicines. Dispensers are selling manufacturers’ sealed packing except dispensing of medicines in globules, water or milk sugar or as per prescription of a Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner. Pharmacies dealing with OTC branded homeopathic medicines are hiring persons having requisite qualifications to ensure safety, efficacy and quality of these drugs as per the latest rules of the Government of India.

In compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), manufacturers are also clarifying the grade of the raw materials used, thereby improving the quality standards of homeopathic medicines manifold.

The new measures have come as a welcome relief to homeopathic patrons across the city. Currently, there are many shops selling loose medicines which don't bother to follow ethical practices. Consumers have been demanding that homeopathy doctors dispense medicines which contain labels showing the ingredients or content of the drugs. Of late, many have shifted to medicines made in factory sealed bottles and pre sealed tubes, mostly made by German and French companies such as Boiron.

Dr. Uma Kishore, Senior Consultant, Uma Homeo Clinic said, “Modern packaging and new dispensing methods are providing greater reliability, quality and efficacy to homeopathic drugs. The new vials are cost effective and ensure accurate dosage as only a single globule is dispensed at one time. In the past, many vials of a single preparation were required to treat an illness as the medicine would be lost to evaporation or get contaminated by air thus diluting its effect.”

Homeopathy treats the sick, not the disease and is based on the principle of ‘like cures like.’ It is the world’s second largest system of medicine and focuses on ‘individualistic’ treatment. In India, homeopathy is used as one of the most preferred systems, be it for the day-to-day illnesses, or chronic ailments. Cost effectiveness of homeopathic drugs and absence of side effects is a big attraction compared to allopathic medicines.

Dr. Mulla said, "Homeopathy, as compared to allopathy, is extremely effective as it roots out the disease from the very core instead of simply treating the symptoms. Long term allopathic treatment adversely affects the organs but homeopathy has zero side effects. It acts by strengthening the immune system and body’s natural defence mechanisms thereby helping the body fight off infection on its own."

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