Honouring commitment is more important for actor Rajesh Puri rather than his life

Mumbai: Actor Rajesh Puri who shot to fame as Lallu a.k.a Lalit Prasad in a drama series titled as ‘Hum Log’ on Doordarshan in 1984 has featured in other television serials like ‘Yeh Duniya Gazab Ki’, ‘Amrapali’, ‘Buniyaad’, ‘Parvarish’ and many others. He has also acted in feature films like ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’, ‘Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet’, ‘Dil’, etc. and has therein equally earned laurels too.

These days Rajesh Puri is seen in a new serial titled‘Kasam’ aired on Colors. He is playing the father of the heroine in it. Agraduate from National School of Drama, Puri is passionate about theatre and ishis first love for this medium. Meanwhile, he is playing memorable roles in‘Wrong Number’ and Vindu Dara Singh’s comedy drama ‘Golmaal – The Play’, whichstaged its second show on May 26 at Rang Sharda in Bandra (West),Mumbai.

Vindu Dara Singh the producer and actor of this playshared an insight report of Rajesh Puri’s illness at the time of rehearsals.Vindu Dara Singh informs, “All the actors were rehearsing for the play.10-days prior to the premiere show of our play, Rajesh Puri fell criticallyill. On diagnosis it was found that there was 100 per cent blockage in one ofhis arteries and 95 per cent in the other which flows blood into the brain andheart. The doctors advised him to get admitted in the hospital and to beoperated immediately or it may cost his life. In its midst another play ‘WrongNumber’ was to be staged in Kanpur and Delhi respectively.  Thetickets for the show were sold and it was publicized heavily too. Rajesh Puritook the requisite medications from his doctor and went to perform at the showsin both the places. After concluding the show in Delhi, he went for a check-upat Gangaram Hospital where even the doctors advised him to get operated asearly as possible. He called up his family members who administered allfacilities for the operations at Kokila ben Hospital and was brought directlythere from the airport.”

 “After being operated upon, Puri on the thirdday who was sent home began rehearsing for our play ‘Golmaal – The Play’ withme and the other co-stars Sheeba, Payal Goga Kapoor, Lakhbir Lahiri, SurleenKaur and Akashdeep at his residence. The next day the show was staged at RangSharda, was premiered at Rang Sharda which turned out to be super hit”, Vinduadded.

Rajesh Puri says, “For me nothing is bigger thancommitment not even life. My absence would have hampered the play and theorganisers and producers would have to bear heavy losses. It would have alsotarnished my name and fame. As you say, the show must go on…. Like how we thinkabout our profits and losses; likewise, we have to have the same opinion forthe others. We actors are here because of the producers and vice versa. Thusyou have to think of others. By the grace of God all is well.”

‘Golmaal – The Play’ is a satirical comedy Hindi dramahighlight the truth about today’s education and its system. The play is beingstaged once again on 2nd June 2018 at Kamani Auditorium,1,CopernicusMarg,New Delhi-1 at 4:30 PM & & 7:30 PM and wecan catch up with Rajesh Puri and his slice of acting in the play.

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