Hosur, the gem of South India offering a great opportunity for industrial growth post-pandemic

The New Normal lead by the pandemic has enforced practices like social distancing, lockdown, and various other measures in response to COVID19. It has led consumers to rely on purchasing through the e-commerce portal. The global impact of COVID19 on online business is set to usher growth in policies for purchases and supply as this will remain a trend until the spread of COVID19 remains a threat to the Indian population. With Bengaluru being the hub for e-commerce and 3PL players in South India, it makes Hosur a great potential for industrial parks business. Hosur is located in Tamil Nadu alongside the industrial corridor between Bangalore and Chennai barely 60 km from the city center of Bengaluru thus offering great business prospects. Hosur is a well-developed industrial area and part of the Bangalore industrial micro-market.

Bengaluru houses several prominent autos, auto ancillary, and other manufacturing units apart from e-commerce and 3PL companies providing a great possibility of business progression.  The warehousing sector in Bengaluru is expected to continue its growth momentum with industrial supportive initiatives by Government like conferring the industry infrastructure status and also supporting through easing the approval processes for lands and allotting funds for the growth of the sector. Embassy Industrial Parks, the pioneer in the lean model of warehousing have already announced its entry to South India with Hosur. The park’s strategic location offers a great opportunity to Embassy Industrial Park’s clients to meet the needs of the consumers thus offering them a great spot for fruitful business execution.

Mr. Aditya Virwani, COO Embassy Group, and spokesperson Embassy Industrial Parks added, “After setting up industrial parks in a very lucrative North Indian market, the pivotal center for the huge demand of e-commerce and 3PL we targeted Hosur for South India.  Bengaluru is the hub of various industries including auto, auto ancillary, and other manufacturing units, and is also an IT hub and head office to numerous leading e-commerce brands. We are happy to share the construction of our industrial park is progressing and we already have interest from our existing clients in the Hosur under construction project. The pandemic has slowed the process but as soon as we come out of this, things will surely speed up. Hosur with its close proximity to Bengaluru city is a promising location and the positioning of our industrial park will surely pay off clients who lease in this facility.”

A larger percentage of customers expect faster delivery time and always looks into expected delivery time while making purchases. Thus for a business owner, it is important to ensure their customer are satisfied and engaged. Great positioning of warehouses boosts brand image and helps business growth. With strategic land positioning of all their industrial parks, Embassy Industrial Parks is offering that to the current business needs. Post pandemic the demand for e-commerce and 3PL will grow exponentially; the company is thinking ahead of time in order to cater to the best of their capability. For the post-pandemic scenario logistic parks will also have to function under limitation and hence will maintain strong conduct within their on-ground staff for maintaining zero physical contact, making transactions digital with respect to delivery challans, required document for verification, maintaining an online log of entry and exit at the parks and offices, ensuring usage of Arogya Setu app among the team members and also will ensure the team members rest adequately and take breaks to keep their immunity level high

Embassy Industrial Park’s Hosur facility is spread across 1.3 million square feet of land. The total cost for the project is INR 280 crore. Embassy Industrial Parks are built with a commitment to offering class apart experience. They are Grade A logistic parks and while setting up a park strategic land positioning is an important consideration for them aiming smooth execution of business. Attention to detail is a high priority for the company and the company provides globally approved amenities like rest areas for drivers, dormitories, round the clock canteen, first aid centers, 24/7 security coverage  an excellent fire fighting system, ample parking space for trucks so the flow of the traffic remains unaffected and the does not hamper workflow. They also provide built-to-suit industrial and logistics parks where the clients can have up to 2X expandability. A good warehouse is the primary requirement for businesses and is a first-hand enabler of the global supply chain. It is fundamental for procurement, manufacturing, and distribution services which collectively contribute to the growth of the economy.

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