Bengaluru, March 9, 2018: Celebrating the essence and pride of womanhood, leading online home service provider, Housejoy applauded the women of Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled with a special pampering session on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Making theoccasion a memorable one, Housejoy took a group of their specialized beautytherapists to Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled, a charitable institution in CoxTown, Bangalore. The organisation has been offering education, training andaccommodation to the visually impaired and physically handicapped for nearlytwo decades. The women residents of Snehadeep were treated to special beautytherapies like manicures, pedicures, facials and hair treatments, which was afirst-time experience for most of them. One can watch the video on on the initiative, Mr. Paul Muggda, Founder and ManagingTrustee said “At Snehadeep we have always believed in the holisticempowerment and advancement of the visually challenged individuals. Throughthis collaboration with Housejoy, we feel glad that women from our NGO weregiven a chance to be pampered.Everyone is beautiful within, sometimes all it takes to bring out the innerbeauty is just some humanity which Housejoy helped in bringing out, addedMr. Paul Muggda”Sharing her experience on the session, Salma, a visuallyimpaired young woman said “We feel very special today. People often look atbeauty externally but forget that beauty is always felt from within. Today, because of Housejoy, girls like me are made to feel that beauty issomething best experienced when you feel it. Feeling beautiful has much more todo with emotion than it does with your reflection in the mirror.”

Anothervisually impaired woman, Shruti believes that “Beautyis more of a feeling to me. It comes from within. Unlike everybody, we don’tlook at our mirrors to look beautiful, but we still feel beautiful because weare confident about our beauty and that what truly matters and that’s whatHousejoy made us realize”Commenting on the occasion Mr. Saran Chatterjee, CEO ofHousejoy, said, “We at Housejoy have strongly worked towardsbringing happiness into the lives of people wherever we can especially theunderprivileged. Beauty is often looked externally but true beauty liesinternally and today we feel privileged to give these girls a chance to feelbeautiful. Watching this group of ambitious, intelligent and compassionatewomen is truly overwhelming.”Housejoy’s beauty professionals too had an emotional experience. For the firsttime they got a chance to serve women who had no way of seeing how they lookedbut had a strong sense of beauty.

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