How a Bengaluru based Edutech startup Sookshmas is helping students prepare for upcoming exams

Bengaluru: In India, many students can't afford to burn their pockets on expensive tuitions or enroll in top-notch institutes and academies to prepare for competitive exams. Furthermore, many students live in remote areas where they don't have access to the highest-ranked colleges and so they can't exchange ideas with well-educated classmates. Thankfully, since the invention of the internet, the world has become a global village making it convenient and easy to form connections with others. A player that is leveraging opportunities presented by the global village has introduced an innovative platform for students called Sookshmas. Conceived in the technology hub of India, Bengaluru, Sookshmas is India’s first social media platform that allows students from all over India to interact with and enrich each other by sharing knowledge.

Social media has made learning easy, fun and interactive by allowing students across the world to exchange ideas, solutions to questions, and by allowing them to collect relevant answers and notes. Sookshmas is using social media to unite the entire education industry by allowing every element of education to connect with other elements related to education.   

Commenting on the vision behind Sookshmas, Mr. Kamlesh Jang Bahadur Singh said “I believe there is no end to learning and education is the only way to transform the world. Behind Sookshmas is the vision to make quality education available to students across the nation, thereby breaking all geographic limitations and bridging the gap between teachers and students by making discussions between them even more interactive. Above all our motto is to provide education to all”.

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