How to Up-cycle your Mom’s Wardrobe this Mother’s Day

A mother's closet is the foremost window to style and fashion in every girl's life. It begins with borrowing her dupattas to play dress-up, with gradually borrowing her sarees for weddings to almost taking over her closet. Her old-school pictures still remain the biggest beauty inspiration. Mum is still the best advisor when it comes to buying fabrics or badgering to the tailor to stitch outfits last minute.

When itcomes to trend cycles - what goes around, comes around. So, you don't need towaste your time hoping to find your perfect outfit in the local markets. Stepinto your mother's closet and you will discover absolutely amazing treasuresthat you will cherish and wear year after year. Here are a few styles you canborrow from your mom, and tweak it your way:

1. Ikkat - Ikkat is an age-old weavingtechnique and has recently regained popularity on runways, streets, and smalllabels alike. It is a prized possession that almost all Indian women have ownedand preserved for decades. Get that 5-yard saree re-stitched into aco-ordinated lehenga & crop-top set. You can diversify the pieces bypairing your crop top with jeans, and wearing the lehenga with an embellishedblouse to make it more wedding-appropriate.

Indian-inspireddresses have become a preferred attire in the balmy summers for the moderngeneration. The ikkat saree can be reconstructed as a maxi or a midi dress,fashioning the age-old technique with a modern appeal. 

2.Benarasi - The classic Benarasi brocadehas been reinvented in many forms by Indian and international designers. Optfor a brocade saree with all-over miniature motifs and get it refurbished as asaree-blouse and petticoat. Style it with a sheer saree of a complimentarycolour. The resulting attire is a fresh new take on the saree itself.

Benarasisarees can also be upgraded to dupattas with an addition of a contrastingpom-pom trim, fabric tassels or gunghroos on all the four corners.You can pairthis dupatta with a solid salwar-kameez in a neutral colour, or play withpatterns by pairing it with an embellished anarkali suit.

3.Tie-and-dye - Another valuable take fromour mother's collection are the traditional tie-and-dyes pieces. Gone are thedays when it was only associated with the hippie culture. This technique hasbecome a summer must-have for its dazzlingly bright colours and multitude ofpatterns. Find that bandhani or any tie-and-dye saree, and get it transformedit into a floor-gazing anarkali. You could also borrow the dupattas and donthem as scarves to add a bright element to an otherwise regular outfit.

Mirror-workhas come back alive from its dormancy and is being implemented into moremodern-looking silhouettes and patterns. 

4.Embroidery - Get the embroidered patchremoved from your mother's old salwar-kameez or saree, and get it stitched ontothe sleeves of a cropped t-shirt. It can be combined with a denim dungaree,creating an outfit that conforms with the millennials need for constantexperimentation.

5.Mix and match - The theme of playing withcontrasts became en-vogue with the masses when our economy dipped in recession.It was then that the brands brought forward the concept of mix and match. Thistrend entails mixing individual pieces to create novel looks, instead ofacquiring more and more clothing.For a low-budget borrowed-from-mum overhaul,tweak your mum's chikankarikurta to a wearable size and pair it with yourdistressed denim for a day out. The end result is the laid-back look thatradiates comfort and elegance.

6.Jewellery - We all have a special place inour hearts (and our wardrobes) for our mum's jewellery.Though it may seem a tadbit heavy for daily use, flaunt it occasionally with simple kurtas and tops.Silver jewellery works very well with pastel shades. Indigo-dyed separates canbe dressed up with silver neckpieces - it is one of the fail-safe ways tochannel heirloom jewellery. Elaborate neckpieces such as a sat-lada can becoupled with outfits in muted shades with minimal details so that it does notlook over-done.

Once youdecide to scout your mother's wardrobe, the resources and inspirations areboundless. It makes you realise that you may have undermined your mother'sstyle after all. A simple print or even a trim can be given a twist andincorporated into your modern wardrobe, leaving you with compliments and fondmemories of your ma.

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