HSIL Ltd. invests INR 160 crores in new pipes manufacturing plant in Telangana

Bangalore, 22nd January 2018: HSIL, India’s leading Sanitaryware Company, and makers of the iconic brand Hindware have ventured into the household plumbing pipes segment with the inauguration of their manufacturing facility in village Isnapur, District Medak, Telangana. The move is aimed at providing integrated solution for home building, enhancing customer convenience, facilitating cross-sale and extending the existing building products distribution chain to the hardware channel distribution chain for the pipes sub-segment.

The HSILplant in Isnapur, Medak is the first of its kind manufacturing facility in thestate and currently has a total production capacity of 30,000 metric tonneswith plans to scale up the production capacity to up to 60,000 MT by 2020 inorder to emerge as a key player in the CPVC and UPVC pipes and fittingssegment. This plant is the epitome of the best manufacturing practicesaccumulated and market understanding from HSIL’s existing operations. 

The plantwill manufacture all types of CPVC and UPVC pipes and fittings, suitable forpotable water transportation, water harvesting and sanitation applications,primarily in building construction segment. With the inauguration of themanufacturing plant, HSIL will be the exclusive company in India that offersintegrated homebuilding solutions through product offerings such as plumbing,sewerage, sanitation, and underground drainage, besides the existing productsin sanitaryware and faucets segments. 

At the plantinauguration, Mr. Sandip Somany, VCMD, HSIL Limited said, “Venturinginto pipes segment is a natural extension of our portfolio of bathroom productstreams from ‘front of wall’ to ‘behind the wall’. We aspire to be among thetop 4 brands in the country in the next 5 years and are confident of achievingthis given that we plan to expand our pipes business by leveraging our currentbrand, sales and distribution network.” 

Mr.Rajesh Pajnoo, President, HSIL Pipes Division, HSIL Limited, said “We are extremelyexcited to launch our manufacturing plant in Isnapur, Telangana.  Toensure product and technological supremacy we have entered into an alliancewith Japan’s Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. which is a 70 year old $9-billionturnover company, for supply of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resin. Weare confident that our legacy of over five decades and this strategicpartnership will enable us to provide better quality heat-resistant pipes andfittings and offer best in class products to the Indian market.” 

The Indianmarket size of the Indian PVC pipes and fittings is poised to grow at adouble-digit CAGR over the period 2015-20 and is projected to reach anestimated INR 327 billion by FY2020.   This remarkable growth isgoing to be driven by the expansion of housing sector and increasing watersanitary management. Rising demand from construction sector and increasingrecognition among people regarding the benefits of PVC pipes will further fuelthis demand. 

With acumulative investment of INR 160 crores, HSIL Pipes Division currently employsmore than 200 people in the workforce. The manufacturing facility is alsocompliant with the green building norms laid down by IGBC and is capable ofproviding higher yields over the prevailing industry benchmarks. 

AboutTRUFLO by Hindware:

HindwarePipes are being launched under the Brand name – TRUFLO by Hindware. The brandname is an embodiment of the trust that consumers and influencers have on theHindware brand name, hence the assured quality of the products. The initialproduct line will consist of: CPVC Pipes & Fittings - for hot & coldwater application, UPVC Pipes & Fittings - for cold water application, SWRPipes & Fittings - for sanitary waste water & ventilation applicationand PVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings - for potable water distribution. 


HSIL Limitedis a leading listed Indian brand crafting unforgettable home experiences andcontemporary bathroom solutions for fifty seven years. The company has a rangeof business verticals that includes Building Products Division, ConsumerProducts Division, Packaging Products Division and Home Interior Solutions.

Details ofHISL Limited Business Divisions

× BuildingProducts – Sanitaryware includes brands like Hindware Italian Collection,Hindware Art, Hindware, Benelave, ALCHYMI, Amore, QUEO. Home furnishing retailbrand EVOK and pipes business is represented by ‘TRUFLO by Hindware’

×ConsumerProducts – Moonbow, Vents, Hindware Atlantic, Hindware Kitchen Ensemble &Snowcrest

×Packagingproducts – AGI & Garden Polymers 

 HSIL’srevenue for FY 2016-17 was INR 2,229.90 Crore and EBITDA for FY 2016-17 was INR293.83 Crore. 

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