Huawei Technologies India sponsors innovation lab in IIIT-B

Bengaluru, 27th March 2018: Huawei Technologies India, the research & development center of Huawei, and International Institute of Information Technology – Bengaluru (IIIT-B) inaugurated the Huawei SDN Innovation Lab at the IIIT-B campus in Bengaluru, today.

Theinnovation lab has been funded by Huawei as a part of its ICT industryecosystem development initiative under its Corporate Social Responsibilityprogramme, and will focus on research activities in the area of softwaredefined networks (SDN). 

Equippedwith complete SDN software stack and related network elements hardware, the SDNinnovation lab will provide the students of IIIT-B a platform to learntraditional telecom network solution and understand key challenges in enablingagile services in the networks, learn SDN controllers and re-architect thetraditional network, innovate and develop applications like BoD (Bandwidth onDemand), VPN (Virtual Private Network), IoT network provisioning, etc using SDNcontroller. 

Apart fromfunding the lab, Huawei will also provide periodic guidance and mentoring tothe students of IIIT-B on the research topics. 

Speaking atthe inauguration of the Huawei SDN Innovation Lab, Prof. S Sadagopan,Founder-Director of IIIT-B said “IIITB is proud to host the SDNInnovation Lab, with the support of Huawei Technologies India. SDN is anemerging technology with world-wide interest and potential application.Proof-of-concept projects leveraging SDN are now being evaluated at manyorganisations. I am confident that our students will benefit immensely fromthis state-of-the-art infrastructure at IIIT Bangalore and will contribute tothe worldwide adoption”.

Mr.William Zhao, CEO of Huawei Technologies India said “ICT is converging at anincreasingly rapid pace. New technologies are becoming key enablers for ICTinnovation and development. We are very happy to partner with IIIT-B in settingup the SDN innovation lab, which is the first of its kind in the academicdomain, and is expected to undertake some pioneering research activities in thetelecom networking technology area. The students will gain deeper knowledge andunderstanding of the future-oriented technologies at this full-fledged SDNlab”. 

Huaweicontributes to ecosystem development by focusing on practical action, formingindustry organizations, and actively participating in them. Huawei proactivelyengages in open source communities to promote collaboration and innovation, andactively invests in enablement platforms for developers. 

AboutInternational Institute of Information Technology

TheInternational Institute of Information Technology, a Deemed University,popularly known as IIIT-B, was established in 1999 with a vision to contributeto the IT world by focusing on education and research, entrepreneurship andinnovation. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointlyby the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry.

Since itsinception, IIIT-B, with its unique model of education, research, and industryinteraction, has grown in stature to become an institution of considerablerepute in academic as well as corporate circles. The Institute works inpartnership with the corporate sector, while retaining the freedom of anacademic institution. It is inspired by other renowned institutions, and alsostrives to emulate an academic culture that is on par with the bestinternational institutions. 

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