Hubei Leverages Digital Engineering Models for Design and Construction on Large Substation

Bangalore, October 23, 2017: The State Grid Corporation of China commissioned Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation (HEEC) to build a large substation in Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. The project includes three sets of 240 MVA transformers, 10 220 kilovolt outgoing lines, and 12 110 kilovolt outgoing lines to deliver reliable power to more than 400,000 customers.

The suburbansetting for the substation was challenging as the density of the buildings andlimited space required engineering precision, determined through 3D modeling,to accurately manage the planning and design phase. A further challenge wascreating an environment that included all project participants, whether theywere in the office, jobsite, or the field. HEEC also had multi-disciplinedesign requirements, focusing on the electric, structural, irrigation works,heating, ventilation, and construction disciplines that would be a challengefrom the outset for the designers. 

This CNY 171billion project delivered the detailed design with Bentley Substation andsupporting design modeling applications including AECOsim Building Designer.HEEC used Bentley Substation to design the main wiring, electrical equipmentlayout, stress calculation and arrangement of wires, lightning protection, andgrounding. It also used Bentley Raceway and Cable Management to detail thecabling and routing layout, and ContextCapture to capture the existingcondition of the densely populated area. This approach gave the planningdepartment sufficient insight into how the substation would be built, and theimpact on the environment and residents. Lastly, HEEC used ProjectWise forwork-sharing and collaboration among the various design disciplines. 

During theconstruction period, the project team used Navigator Mobile for better decisionmaking, further leveraging the digital engineering models created in theengineering phase and reducing design time by 20 days and checking time by 30days. During construction, Bentley applications saved 15 days, and CNY 50,000in design time. Clash detection using digital engineering models avoided morethan 10 areas of rework and ensured a total project savings of CNY 2 million. 

Digitalengineering models were key to meeting these challenges as they helped delivermultidiscipline design, collaboration, and visualization potential that reducedrework, clashes, and offered a connected data environment for the projectparticipants. These models would also help once the substation was inoperation, providing valuable asset information. 

Wang Wei,team leader of Digital Center, Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation, said,“Bentley’s digital platform solution has been fully applied across multipledisciplines and phases of the Miaoshan 220 kilovolt Secondary TransformerSubstation project, bringing significant improvements to design efficiency andquality, and providing strong technical support for construction, operations,and maintenance. This project achieved good social and economic benefits.”

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