Huge working models of major irrigation projects among various attractions

Hyderabad... 21st March 2018: Huge working models of two major irrigation projects affecting the rural populace of South India are one of the major attractions at the 3-day Telangana's biggest Rural Technical Festival which kicked off here at RGUKT, Basar, about 200 KMS from Hyderabad on Tuesday. The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project and the Polavaram Multi-purpose Irrigation Project had caught on the fancy and attention of students of RGUKT, Basar big time... so much so that they created huge working models of the projects.

Putting in over one and a half months time, ten 3rdyear Civil Engineering students of RGUKT, Basar spending over Rs.30,000 made aspellbound spectacular of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project Model. The teammembers include Miraj Mallik, Salauddin, K. Vignesh, P. Sricharan, G. Nagaraju,V. Bhanuprakash, Santosh, Nisitha, Upendra and Madhuri. 

The working model of the Polavaram project alsoshowcases the interlinked rivers and how Vizag city gets electricity from theproject. The Polavaram Project took over a month for the six member teamcomprising of Gangadhar Reddy, Triveni, Tulasi, Rajanikanth, Sindhu and Gautam. 

Created with sand, cement bricks, red bricks, mud,grass and paint, the working model of Kaleshwaram project and Polavaram Projecthad gates made from iron sheets with DC motors for lifting them and pumps forpumping water.  

Another project that many showed interest was theQuad-Copter. The drone (Quad-Copter) can be used for taking pictures / videos,for surveillance by Army and even for carrying medicines or weapons said P.Sajith, 2nd year, Mechanical Engineering student of RGUKT, Basar. The drone ismade with control board, propellers, RC receiver and cost about Rs.10,000 tomake. The four member team which made the drone comprises of P. Sajith, D.Vamshi, G. Sudheer and B. Prashanth of 2nd year Mechanical Engineering. 

Have you ever got stuck in a place where you do nothave power to charge your mobile, urgently you need power. Don’t worry you canuse any vegetables or fruits to power your phone. Charge your mobile usingvegetables and fruits. It’s amazing isn’t it? The Chemistry Department studentsof RGUKT students have come with a brilliant solution. Certain Acids present inVegetables and Fruits which act as an electrolyte. That is how we can chargemobile phones from fruits and vegetables, informed Vivek and Anusha.  

Chemistry Department built a huge, 3 meter longHaryana Power Generation Corporation Plant model. 

We have government employees. How about “GovernmentFarmers?” asked students at the Antahpragnya 2018 Technical Fest. Why don’t webring farmers under government fold? India has more than 33 lakh acres ofgovernment land. More than half of that is barren and is not useful to anyone.This can be made use by using technology and many engineers. This caneffectively use Government land and can generate more employment explainedstudents.  

Eunoia, a working model competition attracted 40models from 12 different schools from across Telangana. Keeys High Schoolstudents developed Cooling Jackets, Foldable Helmets, Adjustable Lavatory.Others had exhibits on Digital Bustops, Digital Seed Dryer, Smart Railway TrackCleaning, Solar Bottle Lamp etc. Hundreds of school children came fromdifferent schools today to see the Technical Festival especially models andprojects on display as part of Eunoia, said Dr. Ravi Varala, A.O. for Eunoia. 

Helmets are bulky and are difficulty to be carried.Kids have come with foldable helmets, the essential road safety product. 

Sensor-based Wireless Railway Gates project bystudents of RGUKT promised to decrease the accidents at the railwaygates. 

Smart Ambulance project displayed at the TechnicalFestival promises to decrease the time taken to take the patient to thehospitals using IoT devices to make traffic signals give priority to theAmbulance.  

Robo Man, a humanoid robot that uses ultrasonicsensors to detech the objects in front of it and also use voice recognitionmodule and speakers to act accordingly. It also performs different handgestures. The Robo, if developed further and made can be used at receptiondesks, hospitality industry, and maybe even as a Trainer that can show one howto exercise, informed the team which worked on the project. 

Beautiful products made with paper and decorated andpainted colourfully by the students were also seen. A colourful Peacock,beautifully made graceful Swans, Elephants, Earrings, etc. weredisplayed. 

 Some live and innovative models include: RoboWar, Robo Race, Mouse Trap Race, Techies for Karshak, Eunoia, Maze Runner,Smart Irrigation,. Paper from Banana Stem, Hand Power Charger, WirelessCharger, Treadmill Bicycle, Smart Ambulance, Hearing Spects, Smart Tap, MobileMicroscope, Fake Ice Creation, Magical tree, Dancing Balls, Air Drone,Kaleshwaram, Polavaram Projects, Bluetooth Control Elevator, Solar Air Cooler,Stress Meter, Smart Cap, Voice Control Car, Smart Umbrella, Self Driving Ploughare some of the highlights informed Dr. Ch. Sridhar Reddy, ChemistryDepartment. 

Few highlights include—Ad’vie-The advertisingchallenge; Techies for Karashak—project to improve agricultural methods; VRWorld— Gaming and Workshop on Virtual Reality; Youtuber’s Dairy—Success life offamous you tubers; Eunoia—competition of working models for school childrenfrom across Telangana and cultural programs.  

Walking Robot, replicas of Burj Khalifa, models ofBasar Saraswati Temple, Badadri Temple, Golconda Fort, etc. with intricatedesign and eye for detail were the cynosure of eyes. 

As the saying goes... Art is Science and Science isArt... the students of scientific disciplines also showcased their artisticside with paintings, sketches and drawings adorning the walls.  

‘Smart Village’ project showcased a village with ruraldevelopment based real time working models. It showcased Self-driving Plough,Smart Dustbins, Automatic Water Level Sensing, Automatic Street Lights, WeatherForecasting among other things. 

‘Smart Plough’ model made by the students showed howit can be used to sow seeds in a field. The autonomous tractor / smart ploughcan be even made to run on solar energy thereby decreasing its environmentalimpact explained the team of RGUKT students who designed the same. 

‘Youtuber’sDiary’, a program organised on the sidelines of the ongoing 3-day NationalRural Technical Festival ‘Antahpragnya 2k18’ brought two famed TeluguYoutuber’s Syed Hafiz and Vikramaditya. A hall full of enthusiastic youngsterslistened to him spellbound as they recounted their journey of establishingtheir Youtube Channels ( and andtheir trials and tribulations. Syed Hafiz and Vikramaditya shared with thestudents tips and tricks on making their videos and Youtube channels. They alsothrew light on how to attract people, how to get hits, communication skillsbefore and behind camera, SEO, Google Ad Words, Ad Rates, etc. 

YoutubersSyed Hafiz adn Vikramaditya also answered questions from students on variousissues. Replying to question from a student on how to get hits, Syed Hafizanswered that one should choose a viral topic, also tags, title and descriptionalso play a key role, he said. But, over and above this content is the king, ifcontent is good you will get hits, he opined. The two content creators weremobbed by the enthusiastic students for Selfies and autographs. 

All in all, the 3-day Rural Technical Festival whichconcludes on Thursday is worth seeing and is a Testament to thelatent talents hidden in rural kids said Mr. J. Swapnil, Convenor, Antahpragnya2k18.

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