Humanitarian Sudha Reddy commits to the fight against malnutrition and breast cancer;

Paris/ Hyderabad, 12th December 2017: With a commitment and vision to continually pledge out of her personal wealth, Hyderabad based industrialist Sudha Reddy today handed over a grant to two (2) diverse Charities at a small intimate gathering in Paris.With a generous and empathetic heart for philanthropy, Sudha has successfully carved a strong niche in being a voice for the underprivileged through her charitable contributions over the years. After months of interactions with industry stalwarts to understand the immediate and urgent requirements to confront challenges in different sectors, 2 NGOs were identified as recipients - ‘Áction Against Hunger’ and ‘Breast Cancer Research Foundation‘. Headquartered in Paris, ‘Action Against Hunger’ is a 38 year old organization that is present in over 50 countries today and have effectively led the global fight against hunger. With close to 6500 staff, AAH is credited with assisting over 14 million people across the globe. In India, Action Against Hunger operated through it’s branch - Fight Hunger Foundation (FHF) which is its 6th Headquarters.

Speaking at the gathering to hand over the endowment,Sudha Reddy commented, “I’m extremelypleased to be able to partner with not just one but two foundations that aregoing the extra mile when it comes to making a difference. I was grieved to bepresented with statistics that prove the huge number of children who are dyingbecause of hunger. Malnutrition is killing 20 million children in the worldtoday and it’s a shame that children are dying because of hunger across theworld in the 21st century. My country, India, is one wheremalnutrition is a huge crisis and emergency and we carry 40% of the global loadof malnutrition. In our joint vision towards a hunger free world, I feelblessed that I am able to help build a better life for children everywhere andsupport the exemplary work of Action Against Hunger and Fight HungerFoundation.


May we all continue to joinhands as we uplift each other in fighting the perils of social evil.”

Mr. Thomas Ribemont,Chairman of Action Against Hunger, France said, “I would like toconvey my huge gratitude to Mrs Sudha Reddy for her very generous donation toFight Hunger Foundation. Her support will help us immensely in our effort toeradicate malnutrition in children in India. Mrs Reddy has strengthened ourhands in our fight against hunger and we are convinced that with her backing wewill soon realize our vision of a world where no child dies of hunger. I amgrateful to her for choosing to support Action Against Hunger and assure her ofour commitment and motivation towards a cause of creating a hunger free world.”

Breast Cancer ResearchFoundation (BCRF):

Identified as the most common cancer among women,breast cancer prevalence is slated to be the same in the developed anddeveloping world.

Sudha Reddy observed, “Recognizing the power of research and its potential to change lives ofmillions is the first step in the right direction. A new approach to tacklethis disease is critical, and that is where Breast Cancer Research Foundationis making noteworthy contributions. They are working towards bringing us closerto a cure and today I pledge my wholehearted support. To show solidarityand joining in the global fight against this deadly disease, I am pleased topartner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation represented by its globalambassador Elizabeth Hurley. BCRF’s mission is to fight until the number ofdeaths from breast cancer is zero and I resonate with this goal because Ibelieve that each individual, in his or her own capacity, can help find asolution.”

Receiving the contribution on behalf of Breast Cancer Research Foundation, ElizabethHurley said, “I amfully committed to the fight against breast cancer. I am honored to accept thisvery kind donation from Sudha Reddy on behalf of the Breast Cancer ResearchFoundation. This will pay for valuable research, that will one day mean we livein a word where women no longer lose their lives to this horrific disease.”

Present on the occasion were:

  • Krishna Reddy & family
  • Honorary Ambassador Vinay Mohan Kwatra
  • Thomas Ribemont, Chairman Action Against Hunger
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Thomas Dutronc
  • Ugo & Vanessa Ciarlatani, Counsel General, Italy
  • Aarti Surendranath
  • Khushi Singh 

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