Hyderabad sailing is taken on to a global map

Hyderabad, September 16, 2018.The Yacht Club of Hyderabad conducted a series of races at Hussain Sagar Lake on Sunday to comply with all the stringent Guinness Record requirements. The event organized to break the Guinness Record set in 2014. It saw 86 countries participate across 640 venues simultaneously on Sunday to help break the 2014 record and set the new one.

It was an attempt set the new record as “ the largest sailing race held in single day in the world”. 

Bart’s Bash in 2014 broke the record for the largest sailing race in 24 hours at multiple locations spanning continents. Bart’s Bash is the charity global sailing race.   Four years back in the year 2014, an awesome 9,484 boats at 237 locations worldwide sailed to set the record.

Today an attempt was made to break that old record and set up a new one.  A global sailing race took place at 640 venues, in 86 countries all over the world with several thousands of sailors including 30 sailors of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad in different classes of boat around the world.  Thousands of boats used by many organisaitons across the globe to break this record.  The whole sailing community across the globe has come together today to set the new record. And it is a proud moment for Hyderabad as one of the organizations chosen to be part of it to establish new record as an inspiration for future sailors and generations to come. 

The event was founded in 2014 and verified by Guinness World Records as ‘The Largest Sailing Race in the World’.

The race was open to all sailing clubs, yacht clubs, schools, universities, scout groups, sea cadets, windsurfing clubs, individuals and any venue globally that can host a race and is inspired to take part. Each individual event was organised by a venue who are the organising authority for all activities at their site.

The charity was founded in memory of, and inspired by, Olympic Gold medallist Andrew “Bart” Simpson who died at the age of 36. Bart’s Bash was created both to remember the inspirational sailor and to raise funds for the charity’s work in sailing.

Andrew 'Bart' Simpson was a man who was passionate about encouraging and helping others fulfil their aims.

“The byline of the Andrew Simpson Foundation , the creators of Bart’s Bash, is To increase participation and improve lives through Sailing” and we here at the Yacht Club of Hyderabad are doing exactly that, with our tagline “Dignity Through Sports”, We are proud to be associated with a Guinness Record breaking attempt and bring Hyderabad Sailing onto the Global map of both charity and sailing, said Suheim Sheikh , the President and Chief Instructor at the club.

Our young sailors from Telangana’s Social Welfare schools are proud to be associated with a Guinness Record breaking attempt. Going by the 2014 record we will contribute about 30 sailors. And I am proud that the event makes Hyderabad Sailors known globally , said Dr.Praveen Kumar, IPS , Secretary of the Telangana Social Welfare Schools Society. Many of the sailors who participated today were from Dr.Praveen’s Social Welfare Schools across Telangana. 

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