Hyderabad’s SME, chain of Udupi Home hotels, embarks on expansion, to open 15 outlets

Hyderabad, November 07, 2017….Udupi Home, Hyderabad based SME, the chain of Udupi Hotels, draws up its expansion plans. According to Ganesh Prasad Bhat, P. Manohar Bhat and P. Girish Bhat, the three brothers, they are planning to open fifteen Udupi Home food outlets in and around the city in the next twelve months.

We will invest anywhere in the range of Rs 50 lakhs and above on each outlet.  We will invest Rs 7.5 crore in setting up these outlets, they informed in a press note issued in the city today.


 Udupi Home started small at SR Nagar couple of years back.  After overwhelming response, now they are opening another restaurant at Allwyn Colony Cross Roads near Miyapur on this Thursday.


 We are a pure vegetarian restaurant where we serve tiffins, meals and juices.  We serve authentic, hygienic food. We refrain from using harmful food preservatives, taste giving ingredients.  Our customers’ well being is our primary concern.

When asked how they are able to compete with nearly 2000 swanky restaurants that are existing in the city, Girish said these outlets are housed in an area of 1300 to 2000 sft.  They are not very big nor very small.  We keep strict vigil on the service and quality. And we are known for it. Infact there is lot more demand than it is anticipated. Otherwise we wouldn’t have taken the decision to invest such large sums and go on expansion spree that too in next one year.  We have been getting overwhelming response. Food freaks have realized the importance of India’s own cuisine rather than many varieties of fast food available in the market place, he said. 

Long beforeinternational cuisines, Punjabi, North Indian food invaded us, South India hasbeen the home to a network of hotels. They have been serving pure vegetarianfood. There are several hotels and under different names.  UdupiHotel is a name to reckon and is the benchmark for quality. The hallmarkof these hotels is strict control on the kitchen.  Another interestingfeature of these hotels is natives of Udupi are hired to ensure and live up tothe expectations of its name.


 Thethree brothers own Medihauxe Pharma Pvt. Ltd, a two decade old, leading Pharmadistribution company. They have recently inaugurated the state of the art Lifesaving medicine facility, set up in the city at a cost of Rs 10crore


 It is a widely recognized as India's bestsource for superspeciality medicines. It deals in 3000 plus SKUs(Stock KeepingUnits) of Life saving, critical, super specialty and rare emergency medicineimported from US, UK and many developed counties. and cost anywhere in therange of Rs 2000 to 2,00,000(two lakhs) and above. Medihauxe one of the veryfew in Telangana and one of 20/30 life saving drug distribution companies inIndia.

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