IARD's New Digital Marketing Communique

“As an Industry we should have zero tolerance for any marketing communication reaching consumers who are below Legal Drinking Age” - Says ISWAI Executive Chairman, Amrit Kiran Singh

New Delhi, November 2019 – The International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI) as a member of the International Alliance of Responsible Drinking (IARD), pledges support to the revised parameters announced by IARD - to ensure appropriate exposure to alcohol-related marketing online. It is proven that digital marketing has the power to mould audience perception towards the alco-bev industry. Through the new communique, ISWAI as a part of IARD is looking to strengthen its impact on the code of conduct adopted by players in the alcohol and spirits industry for appropriately marketing their offerings online – to consumers that can lawfully purchase their products.

ISWAI, a representative body promoted by multinational alcoholic beverage companies in India; is focused on encouraging a meaningful exchange of industry-related information and knowledge amongst its members. The mission of the body is to transform the Indian Spirits & Wines landscape into a more organized sector. Keeping in line with this ideology, ISWAI along with members of the IARD and digital platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are together working towards improving age-screening and giving users the preference to view alcohol-related advertisements on their most accessed social media platforms.

Commenting on the improved communication suggestions, ISWAI Executive Chairman - Mr. Amrit Kiran Singh said, “The Indian consumer is far more evolved in their thought process than we can fathom.  Therefore, I believe a ‘nanny -state of thinking’ has never proven to drive the correct results in the economy. As part of an international body (IARD) intending to curb irresponsible drinking, I believe a very careful digital outreach is key for the success of our initiatives. We will continue to roll out safeguards that will encourage our partners to adopt a more mindful marketing strategy that respects the adult preference of viewing content and ensures only age-appropriate exposure. I strongly believe that we as industry should have zero tolerance to any marketing communication reaching consumers who are below Legal Drinking Age (LDA).”

He further added, “Not only do these digital communication guidelines aid us in achieving our goals but it, in the long run, will prove to reap benefits from a business perspective – as funds would be allocated to online marketing activities that will target the correct audience for each brand.”

This global partnership has opened doors for digital platforms and producers to join the cause and raise the bar for industry collectively and inculcate responsible digital advertising practices amongst consumers.

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