ID film goes viral and hits 1 Million views within 12 hours

12 May 2017, Bangalore: Langoor, a full service digital-first agency of creative technologists, has created a heartwarming video for ID Fresh Foods that resonated with every mother and child in the digital world. The video released yesterday (11th May), and in 12 hours has already hit 1 million views and counting.

The brief shared with them was simple – ID + Mothersgo together and they had to create a concept and bring it alive in a video thatresonated with that thought. The Langoor team researched and froze upon aninsight using the question most often asked by mothers to show they care #KhaanaKhaaya’? Thefilm portrays a working daughter who is so absorbed in her work life that shemisses out on understanding the true emotion behind the question.

Commenting on the same, Kishore KarumbaiahChiefCreative Officer/Partner, Langoor Digital said,“Khaana Khaaya is apowerful insight that is the heart of this beautiful film. And what makes iteven more powerful is the fact that it is universally relatable. During a heavywork day when your mother calls you to ask ‘khaana khaaya?’ itmay bug you. But the question symbolizes everything about motherhood – love,concern, care and selflessness. The film is a way for us to remind people tonever take the question for granted, simple as it may seem. We are proud tohave told this story with iD Fresh and Flying Saucer Pictures.”

Adding to the same, Mithun Appaiah, VicePresident –Sales, Marketing & NPD at iD Fresh Food said,“Whenthe Langoor team presented the concept we all unanimously liked it and wantedto put it out there. The underlying feeling of love and warmth is what wewanted to communicate and the video captures it perfectly. The audience hasalso loved it. Even as iD Fresh continues to grow across India as a brand, thisfilm hold strategic importance to us as it is will resonate with consumers allover the nation.”

About Langoor

Langoor is one of the world’s and certainly India’sfirst pure play agency of Creative Technologists. Creative Technologists areredefining the world of conventional advertising and marketing while enablingorganizations to reach their full potential by using connected experience,design and creating digital assets to attract and engage their customers. Witha team strength of 200+, a combined client pool of more than 80 clients, and astalwart line up of top notch talent makes this an unbeatable and winningcombination, that is already taking the industry by storm. With skilled teamsworking in offices across Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai,Bangalore and Ahmedabad they focus on data driven strategy, visual design,content excellence and campaigns with real impact and effective relevance inthe marketing world.  

This Umbrella brand – Langoor, hosts the followingthree strong brands that complete the full service loop :

•LangoorDigital | The digital agency made of creative technologists who organizationsreach their full potential through the intersection of great ideas andtechnology.

• Pensaar |The design thinkers of the new era who enable organizations to re imagineand rethink theirbusinesses and deliver unexpected customer delight.

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