IIHMR University Hosts Convocation 2018

Kiran Maheshwari, Hon'ble Minister of Higher Education, Government of Rajasthan addresses fresh graduates on their noble vocation


·Around200 students will be conferred with degrees in MBA in Hospital and HealthManagement, Rural Management and Pharmaceutical Management. Students awardeddegrees and were ready to join the workforce as graduates and post-graduates

·Theproportion of research being undertaken at IIHMR University is a trulydistinguishing factor. The university's contribution to research is commendable- Smt Kiran Maheshwari, Minister for Higher Education, Government of Rajasthan

· Prof.Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities (AIU)graces the occasion 

Jaipur/New Delhi, June 02, 2018: Adding yet more numbers of healthcare, rural andpharmaceutical managers and public health researchers to an under-suppliedindustry, IIHMR University held its 4th annual convocation toaward degrees to new graduates and post graduates. Lauding the students fortheir chosen vocation was the Minister of Higher Education of theGovernment of Rajasthan, Kiran Maheshwari. The high profile event wasattended by more than 200 students, parents, and faculty members. Also presentwas Prof. Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of IndianUniversities (AIU) who received several cheers for his inspiringstories from graduating students. 

Remarkingthat India’s leaps in learning were products of “its civilization and history”,higher education Minister, Maheshwari appealed to students to work toward thenation’s progress and peace. 4 students were awarded gold medals by the Minister. Prof.Furqan Qamar exhorted students to avoid chasing riches lest they losesight of their destination. That they should choose their “path carefully andtread on it cautiously”. Once chosen the path should be met with dedication andcommitment.

Speaking onthe topic of building institutions of excellence Ms. Maheshwari said,“IIHMR University is dedicated to improving the standards of education throughbetter researches and the courses they run at the University.” Her advice tothe graduating batch was to pursue excellence and out of the box thinking. “Theworld respects excellence and innovation more than it has ever done before andthe kind of researches has been done and taken by IIHMR University is trulyexemplary”, She added. 

Sharing histhoughts on the occasion, Prof. Furqan Qamar, Secretary General,Association of Indian Universities (AIU) shared an allegorical talethat is summed up by a Greek proverb that says that “a society grows great whenold men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit under or whosefruits they shall never taste”. 

Dr. S.D.Gupta, Chairperson, IIHMR University, added, “IIHMR University has constantly added value to itsstudents by incorporating the most advanced practical and technical practicesin curriculums anywhere. Our goal is to create excellent professionals who canbring positive change to the human condition.” 

Congratulatingthe graduating students, Founder Trustee IIHMR University Dr AshokAgarwal emphasized that “Union government's ambitious scheme AyushmanBharat is a significant development for the graduating Class of 2018 and thiswill definitely open the future opportunities in the sector”. Dr Agarwalpraised the students and wished them for the future endeavor. 

Healthcarein​ ​

is one ofthe largest sectors of the economy, in terms of both, revenue and employment.The hospital industry alone is valued at Rs 4 trillion growing at an averageyearly rate of 16-17%. At this speed, it will be worth Rs 8.6 trillion by 2023.

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