IIIT Seed Fund Invests in Scholr, an AI-based learning app that allows personalised education

Hyderabad, February 19, 2018. IIIT seed fund has invested in Scholr, an AI-based learning solution app that provides personalized education at scale.

IIIT SeedFund has been created to invest in tech startups from the IIIT-Hyderabadincubator and startup eco system. It is a fund from a network of investorscomprising of tech professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Investment isprimarily targeted at early stage tech startups involved in technologies likemachine learning, computer vision, robotics, AR/VR, natural language processingand other sub-domains of artificial intelligence among others.

India hasover 250 million school-going students, yet according to a 2015 report by theUNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), the country has a shortfall of 3.7 lakhteachers.

This teachershortage affects not only public schools, but also expensive private schools,where high demand often leads to large class sizes. Students end up enrollingfor private tuition outside of school but still lack individualized attention.

To meet thisdemand, Scholr is developing AI based learning solutions that can provideacademic outcomes through personalized education at scale.

HimanshuNimje, co-founder of Scholr said, “IIIT seed fund has helped Scholr build thedeep learning technology behind Scholr. Access to IIITH faculty and researchershas helped us continuously improve our proprietary technology and drivefuture product development. Our mentors from IIIT seed fund have vastexperience of building and operating technology-intensive businesses. They havebeen able to provide a perfect support structure for business guidance andmarket access”. http://www.scholr.com

Speaking onwhy IIIT Seed Fund has invested in Scholr, Vikrant Varshney, Cofounder & Partner,IIIT Seed Fund said, “Education is the primary need of every citizen and withsuch a large population in India, every school is full of students. Studentteacher ratiosaren’t favourable towards students, unless their parents canafford admission into premium schools. There is a huge dependency on tutors ortuition academies for quality learning, coupled with rising prices and safetyconcerns around. Scholr has the ability to deal with all of these problemareas, delivering learning solutions at home, at affordable prices and indesired scale using emerging technologies.”

For moredetails, visit website: https://cie.iiit.ac.in/iiitseed.html

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