Impact of air pollution on lungs and prevention tips

Pollution emitting from stubble burning in neighbouring regions of Delhi is severely impacting the air quality making it difficult to breathe in open air. The alarming level of AQI (Air Quality Index) results in respiratory illnesses and can adversely affect the lungs. The exposure to polluted air has an impact on the health of people who are already suffering from breathing disorders such as bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, interstitial lung disease, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer etc.

Alsoaffected adversely are people in extremes of age and immune compromisedindividuals.

In thecurrent situation, it is advisable to limit exposure to polluted air as much aspossible and it is highly recommended to use a pollution mask to avoid directexposure to the air pollutants. 

Fewprecautionary measures to reduce the effect of air pollution are as follows: 

• Maintaingood indoor air quality –  keep your doors and windows closed and it isalso advisable to install air purifiers

• Wear fullsleeve clothes and cover your face with a good quality pollution mask (rememberto replace the mask at constant intervals.

• Avoiddoing physical exercises outdoors, instead prefer doing yoga indoors

• Planttrees in and around your house as it will help in reducing air pollutants

• Consumeginger and tulsi tea for stronger immune system

• Includeanti-air pollution foods in your diet such as: Vitamin C, Omega 3 &magnessium rich foods, turmeric, jaggery, walnuts etc

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