In Gujarat 80% Prostate Cancer Cases Diagnosed at Advanced Stages

Ahemadabad, 22nd January 2018: Approximately 80% of all prostate cancer cases in Gujarat are diagnosed at advanced stages, making the disease difficult to treat. Doctors in the state are concerned about the rising trend. More commonly affecting men, the cancer has over 1.8 million victims worldwide. Factors affecting increase incidence of prostate cancer vary from increase in stress levels to inactive sexuality in men.

One of theastonishing reasons pointed out through research is the fact that less than 6hours of sleep doubles the risk of prostate cancer in men increasing the riskto 55%. According to the Indian Cancer Registry, the statistics of prostatecancer have been estimated to increase by 220% by 2020. In addition toincreasing physical inactivity and consumption of high trans-fat food, urbanlifestyle with its hectic schedules and stress is increasing risk of cancercases in the state.

“The canceris responsible for the swelling of the gland near the prostate causingdifficulty in urinating. It is common to witness the disease occurring in olderpopulation. But we are also seeing the trends coming in for younger populationwho are less than 40. This is troublesome as our lives have rapidly changed.Due to lack of time and perhaps resources, we often cannot afford to sleep andeat properly. While the repercussions of a bad diet are known, lack of sleepcan cause reduced melatonin levels responsible for maintain the sleep cycle.Due to this, the body cannot prevent cancerous growth of the cells”, says Dr.Dhaval Rajde, Surgical Oncologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Examinationand appropriate therapy at a right time can make the prostate cancer halt inits tracks. Advancement in technologies is being given through radiotherapy,chemotherapy or even a surgical procedure. Another therapy in trend is thehormone therapy responsible for monitoring the testosterone to a manageablelevel for maintaining balance.

Highlightingthe importance of early detection, Dr Dhaval says, “It shouldbe necessary for men to undergo a prostate checkup when they turn 50 becauseaging population have increased risk of prostate cancer. Urban men are moreprone to cancer than rural men. This is because urban men lack the diet and theactive lifestyle that is ever present in rural population. Men should not beashamed to get themselves checked. If the examination is done after the bloodalready starts occurring in the urine, there might be some difficulties. Earlystage prostate cancer can be contained in the body and stopping its growth ispossible.”

Prostatecancer usually manifests with symptoms such as, burning sensation whileurinating, blood in urine or semen, loss of bladder control, and swelling inlegs of pelvic region. Once the symptoms are identified by a patient, it isimportant to consult the doctors without any delay.

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