In the run up to International Women’s’ Day Rotary International District 3190

Bengaluru: Baghirathi Group, a leading Bengaluru based shared mobility service provider today announced the company’s initiative to hire 500 women Customer Support Offers (CSO) for its recently launched sustainable mo-bility brand rydS. The announcement was made at Rotary District’s first Annual Karnataka CSR conference, a plat-form acknowledging the contribution of various stakeholders towards community service for socio-economic de-velopment of the State, where Baghirathi also received an award from Rotary International District 3190 District Governor Ms Asha P Kumar in recognition of the company’s relentless contribution towards environment, women empowerment and education.

Speaking at the conferenceMs Asha Kumar, District Governor, Rotary International District 3190 andRotary Bangalore Orchards said, “Spaces such as cab owning and driving,where there are less women can mean that the women are busy in more nurturingroles but over time they define themselves as designated for men. This in turnoften becomes spaces that are unsafe for women. But in fact these need thenurturing hand of a woman and we need to bring them in a way that they alsofind the entry to be comforting. 500 is significant to bring sisterhood amongdrivers and we hope this will make a more comfortable space to be. I am gladthat we could find a partner in Baghirathi with a shared vision of nurturingand empowering women talent in the mobility space.”

The company plans to hire women fromeconomically challenged background, develop their skill sets and onboard them.The initiative is to encourage rural women break barriers and come forward toembark on the path to financial independence by acquiring skills and engagingin gainful employment. 

Speaking about the initiative Rtn NeilJoseph, Founder Vice Chairman, Baghirathi Group said, “Empowering women hasalways been the cornerstone of Baghirathi’s vision. Presently 400 of ourcolleagues are women, and the introduction of our new brand rydS has given usthe opportunity to engage more as we move forward. It is indeed heartening tonote that Rotary International District 3190 under the District Governor MsAsha P Kumar and Rotary Bangalore Orchards, under its commitment towards CSR,have agreed to extend full support to this initiative. Together we will hireand train women drivers or Customer Service Officers as we like to address themand harness a larger collective will.”

Overthe next few years, Baghirathi also aims to run 10,000 electric vehicles acrosssegments from a 5-seater sedan to a 50-seater bus, pan India, providing peoplecentric and planet friendly mobility solutions. 

Sharing her experience at the event Ms.Ratna, Customer Service Officer, rydS said, “In Baghirathiall employees are treated equally and well. No one passes any orders and alwaysspeak with a smile. They have given us dignity at work and we are proud to wearthe uniforms given to us. We get good salaries that helps us to lead a betterlife. The electric car we drive is very comfortable, noiseless and my neighbourslike electric cars as they do not have any smoke. I like the freedom ofdriving.” 

Baghirathi currently hasemployee strength of more than 1000 people with women employee force of closeto 40%. The advent of rydS would see a quantum jump in women Customer ServiceOfficers (known generally in the industry as drivers), who will drive the newlyacquired electric vehicles of the rydS brand. rydS recently commencedoperations with a fleet of 50 all-electric sedans in Bengaluru, growing to 1000electric vehicles over the next 15-18 months.

In line with Baghirathi’s commitment towardssustainability, the company along with the Rotary and Forest Departmentconducts regular plantation drives and has recently planted 72360 saplings andthree lakh seed bombs in environmentally challenged landscapes. As part oftheir CSR initiatives, Baghirathi has adopted the founders’ alma mater, a119-year old Govt aided school in Kolar Gold Fields and are engaged inmodernizing the infrastructure with support from 130 prominent alumni. Whenthere is acute shortage of blood in the city, Baghirathi is the first port ofcall for the Rotary Blood bank. In a short period of less than three hours,employees of Baghirathi mobilise close to 100 units of blood.

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