Independent Research Firm Recognizes Manthan as a Strong Performer in Customer Analytics

Manthan’s robust customer data model underlies prebuilt KPIs and predictive scores, which retailers and other direct-to-consumer brands find alluring

BANGALORE. JUNE13, 2018: Manthan,the globally recognized innovator enabling next generation retailing withproven expertise in Advanced Analytics, announced that it has been recognizedas a ‘Strong Performer’ in TheForrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018. The report is basedon an evaluation of the select nine companies invited by Forrester who “providea comprehensive customer analytics software solution consisting of[do-it-for-me] DIFM customer analytics functionality, which provide customerinsights directly to business decision makers without the need for support fromdata scientists.” The participating companies were evaluated on 39 criteria, inthree broad areas, current offering, strategy and market presence.

"Webelieve this recognition is a testament to our focus on the retail industry,and demonstrates our strong data science rigor,” said Atul Jalan, CEOand Founder, Manthan. “This reinforces for us our commitment andstrategic investments in the marketing domain and also shows the faith ourcustomers have in us – in helping them get the most from their customer data.”

Thereport cites Manthan’s advanced Customer Analytics for retailers and states, “Manthan positions itself asa customer marketing platform withits Customer360 and TargetOne platforms. It does a good job of addressingthe three distinct personas in the analytics value chain - business users, datascientists, and data engineers — with distinct interfaces and functionality foreach. Manthan specializes in problems unique to large retailers, such asdefining customer churn and merchandizing.” The report also noted that “Maya, its intelligent assistant that allows marketers to querydata through speech could become more valuable as conversational computingtakes off.”

Speed,agility and ease are imperative in fast evolving customer marketing space. Thereport suggests one of the key reasons for growth of Customer Analytics is dueto the evolving need of business users to access insights immediately, withouthaving to rely on data scientists for interpretation. “We understand thebusiness users’ need to act, and act fast. This guides us to leverage the bestin advanced AI, NLP and design intuitive solutions that cater to everydaybusiness needs,” added Atul.

CustomerAnalytics solutions eliminate the need for data science intervention foressential analyses such as behavioral segmentation, churn modeling, customerlocation, customer lifetime value and product recommendations.

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