India Arch Dialogue 2018 to be commenced in the capital from February 9

FCDI announces the third edition of India Arch Dialogue 2018 in February 2018. The theme of this edition will be Moments in Architecture- An Exhibition on Architectural Photography, Talks and Events. Architecture and Photography are two separate but deeply interconnected disciplines whose significance has evolved over time. If architecture is the art work of the Architect, then Photography demonstrates it. Physical form of the building is a space, which is interpreted, defined and visualized through photography.

With anaim to discuss,create and debate art, architecture and photography, the three weeks eventwill entail interactive sessions with different architect powerhouse fromvarious platforms. Curated by Verendra Wakhloo, Rachit Srivastva,Madhav Raman and Sudipto Ghosh and the event willwitness participation of several architects, artist andphotographers across globe, who are all masters in the industry withextraordinary skills and unequivocal excellence of design practice, who haveworked towards shaping the face of architecture and design milieu.

Abha NarainLambah, Abin Chaudhuri, Aniket Bhagwat , Asim Waqif, Dominic Sansoni,Rohan Shivkumar & Partner - Avijit Mukul Kishore, Paul Clemence, RobertGreenwood, Iwan Baan annd Juergen Mayer are some of the architects. While AndréJ. Fanthome, Bharath Ramamrutham, Dayanita Singh, Ram Rahman, Paul Clemence,Sebastian Cortés , Iwan Baan  and Dominic Sansoni are some of thephotographers participating in the exhibitions to present their work.

When : 9- 25th February

Where: Ojas Art Gallery, 1AQ, Qutub Complex, Mehrauli, New Delhi. 

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