India celebrates International Day of Football and Friendship with Russia bound Young Ambassado

India, one of the participating countries of the Gazprom Football for Friendship (F4F) Programme, joined over 200 cities of the world in celebrating the International Day of Football and Friendship. The celebration was conducted along with Surya Varikuti, the young defender selected to represent the country at the F4F Programme in Russia.

The youngambassadors from India will join the kids from across 211 countries andregions, in Moscow for the F4F Programme conducted between 8th Juneto 15th June this year. Surya, selected in the role of a youngfootballer, will join other young footballers from around the world, in Moscow.The children will be a part of the 32 International Teams of Friendship thatplay against each other in the Gazprom Football for Friendship InternationalChampionship. He will be joined by Rudresh Gaudnour, who will act as a youngjournalist and cover all the local and global activities of the F4F program aspart of the International Children's Press Center.

TheInternational Day of Football and Friendship is celebrated by the participatingcountries, as a part of the F4F Programme. The day is celebrated along with theyoung ambassadors, who bind a blue-green Friendship bracelet to the attendees,as a symbol of this global initiative. The blue string of the braceletsymbolizes the peaceful sky, and the green string symbolizes the footballfield, accessible to everyone. On this day, the young ambassadors promote thekey programme values (friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion,victory, traditions and honour), among their peers.

Around theworld, children, adults, personalities and football enthusiasts gathered tocelebrate the International Day of Football and Friendship by conductingfriendly matches, football tournaments, open trainings with star footballers,city holidays, sports events, media events and TV shows. The day, celebrated bycities around the world, has been supported by famous footballers, coaches,television hosts, actors and members of government agencies, all over theworld. 

TheInternational Day of Football and Friendship was celebrated in India byconducting a friendly football match, on the sidelines of the U-13 NationalYouth League in Kolkata. The event saw Surya, the player of Karnataka’s RootsFootball School, tie the blue-green Friendship bracelet to the participants, inthe presence of AIFF officials. The AIFF officials were a part of thecelebrations to give their best wishes to the ambassadors for the programme inRussia.

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