India International Coffee Festival 2018 concludes on a high note

Bengaluru, January 19, 2018: India International Coffee Festival 2018, jointly organized by the India Coffee Trust and Coffee Board of India, concluded today in Bengaluru. The four day long festival attracted more than 5000 local, national and international visitors, enthralling them with informative workshops, fireside chats with some of the best known exponents in the trade and keynote addresses by renowned speakers representing different industry sectors. Over 40 national and international exhibitors participated in the festival this year. The event provided a platform to unveil some outstanding coffees and blends, cutting edge technologies and products and equipment for brewing, roasting, packaging, barista & coffee machines, and farm equipment. Thematic keynote sessions focusing on coffee marketing and retailing, latest trends, cutting edge developments in coffee technology and demonstrations by globally renowned experts were conducted. The Conference brought to light the changes that are taking place in the coffee sector and held discussions on issues such as, Broader focus on the coffee industry, Issues faced by the small growers, Plantation to the consumer supply chain, Start-ups for coffee consumers were discussed at length. Eminent speakers such as Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School emphasized on the strong benefits of coffee, and how coffee consumption is instrumental in reducing risks of liver diseases including cancer. He also went on to elaborate on the research that has indicated how coffee might have a positive impact on health and can be incorporated as part of a healthy diet.

Sharing his thoughtson how the climate change affects the coffee, Dr. Peter Baker, Director, Climate Change UK said, “The ends of coffee industry are beingincreasingly divergent. Different type of climate change is having an impact oncoffee production. In India, the temperatures have been rising and this isprojected to continue for the next 20 or 30 years. This would have an impact onquality and yield of the coffee overall.”


Dr. Baker further said, “The changein climate is mostly affecting coffee through extreme events. Farmers need tothink strategically about diversification while coffee institutions need to actstrategically on climate change.” Mr.Brijesh Balakrishnan, Associate Vice President & Head – Blockchain InfosysLimited in an interesting session about Blockchain-powered Coffee,highlighted how blockchain links anonymous entities to form a trust, whichhelps the industry to move to a next level. Another thought-provoking sessionwas conducted on the last day of the festival on Transforming India into Coffeenation with Mr. Sumitro Ghosh, CEO, Tata Starbucks, Mr.Sanjay Khajuria, Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs), Nestle India and Mr. Rishi Saikia, Head Coffee Category, HUL wherethey highlighted their perspectives on turning India into Coffeenation. Theyalso reiterated the important measures that should be taken to increaseconsumption of coffee in India, especially amongst the middle class, whichmakes up for the larger part of our population. Increase in the consumption ofcoffee is the only way towards overcoming the hurdle to recognize coffee as apopular household beverage.


Commenting at thevaledictory function, Mr. AnilKumar Bhandari, President, India Coffee Trust said, “The success of theIICF 2018 shows a steady rise of interest and demand for coffee in India. Wegot some amazing feedback from everyone who was a part of this festival andthis edition was by far the best since its inception in 2002, with eminentspeakers and interesting reactions from the Minister of Tourism. Some excitinginitiatives were discussed during the event and we will take them up to makeWorld Coffee Congress in 2020, an even bigger success.”

With the success ofthe 7th edition of IICF, we are positive about the gamechanging ideas that that were brought to the fore by industry experts andeminent speakers. Through IICF, we are committed to bring path breakinginnovation to coffee and allied industries, farmers and most importantly to theconsumers.”


During thevaledictory function on the final day of IICF, 2018, Mr. Jose Dauster Sette, Executive Director ofInternational Coffee Organization said, “The 7th Editionof the IICF 2018, has been a magnificent event and I congratulate all thesponsors, exhibitors and coffee enthusiasts who were involved to make this ahuge success. It was an event of the highest caliber and I am confident thatour next big event, World Coffee Congress 2020, will be even more successful.” Srivatsa Krishna, IAS, CEO & Secretary,Coffee Board of India said, “I am pleased with the conversations wehave been able to create with IICF this year. The last four days have beenthought provoking and stimulating at the same time and it augurs well for theindustry in general. The board on its part will continue to strive to bridgethe earning gap between the growers and retailers. We continue to endeavorenabling our planters and small growers.” 


The IndiaInternational Coffee Festival 2018, with the participation of nearly 400delegates and 30 speakers, aimed to raise awareness of preserving and promotingthe values of coffee culture in India. 

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