India’s Leading Family Business Consultant Anil Sainani Launches ‘BAF Consultants’

Chennai 3rd Aug 2018: India’s leading family business consultant Mr. Anil Sainani today announced the launch of a professionally run family business consulting firm, BAF Consultants (Business and Family Consultants). This development came-up at a time when family businesses are dealing with complex situations at varied steps of their business life cycle.

With the evolution of BAF Consultants, family business consulting in India will witness a whole new dimension to the resolution of family business related feuds, family business governance, family office and family business constitution creation.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Anil Sainani, Founder, BAF Consultants “I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of this venture.  Being a part of this industry for more than 20 years I can say that family business consulting has come to occupy an integral place in the Indian and Global business framework. Family business consultants have a crucial role to play in turning the wheels of Indian enterprise. India has 108 publicly-listed family-owned businesses, third highest in the world, while China tops the tally with 167 such companies followed by the US which has 121 and hence the need for consulting emerges quite rapidly.” 

He further added “At BAF, we believe that coherence is the only key to achieve success in a business as well in life. We Consult, Counsel, Educate and Coach our clients, which consist of various business houses of India, ranging from smaller families of 3 members to larger families of 40 members”. 

The newly developed firm has a robust team that consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds, effective facilitation skills and rich experience, having worked with around 100 business families across India, UAE, Nepal & USA. BAF Consultants is a brainchild of Anil Sainani, a renowned expert on issues related to Family Business Governance across South Asia. He started this concept of strengthening communication and togetherness with a couple of large business houses and their families’ way back in 2004.  Till now he has worked with close to 100 Families and has supported large Indian Business conglomerates to build family alignment and develop their Family Constitution such as GMR group, Dalmia, Godrej, to name a few.  

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