Innovation day Celebration at MVJ College of Engineering

Bangalore, May 11th, 2019: Every year the Ministry of Science and Technology celebrates National Technology Day on 11th May. The day is considered as a symbol of pursuit for technological creativity, scientific inquiry and the conversion of that pursuit in the integration of society, industry and science. Various events were organized in technical institutions as well as engineering colleges to acknowledge this great occasion. The President of India presented National Technology Award to individuals as well as companies for their immense contribution to science.

MVJ College of Engineering celebrated this day as Innovation day, by providing an opportunity for students to showcase their innovative projects.

The projects were encouraged to not only be innovative, but also to be relevant to societal / industrial problems. The students submitted their projects in three clusters:

The Mechanical Cluster (all mechanical, civil, aeronautical, chemical engineering streams)

The Electronics Cluster (all electronics & communication, electrical and electronics, medical electronics, telecommunication)

The Computer Cluster (all computer science and information science streams)

The Chief Guest for Innovation Day celebration was Mr Vasanthakumar Narayan, Cyclotis Software Solution, Bangalore. The Guest of Honour for Innovation Day was Dr Biswajit Tripathy. The projects were evaluated by the expert guests from industry and winners are awarded with prizes.

The innovation day is the culmination of a series of workshops that were organized each semester, starting with Idea Box where the student teams submitted multidisciplinary ideas; they also had to resolve societal / industrial problems.

Good ideas were shortlisted and the student’s teams underwent “Tomorrow’s Engineers Workshop” wherein they formally learnt methods of innovative thinking, problem definition and systemic approach to problem solving. This workshop was followed by a Workshop on Skills in Integrated Product Development, wherein students learnt requirement analysis, stake holder analysis, pestle analysis and learnt to productize their idea. The students then underwent an Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp wherein the students understood various aspects of Entrepreneurship and also got to visit a small scale industry. 

A few Projects which will be featured on Innovation Day:

Gesture Controlled Robot Using Kinect Sensor

Smart Suitcase

An Automatic Lung Cancer Detection, Classification And Analysis System

‘RenoSense’-A Portable Color Sensor Based Urine Analysis System to Detect Chronic Kidney Disease

Smart IoT based Home Security

Pedopressure driven Street Lighting

Solar Smart Farming

Multi-Functional AI Assisted Drone for Emergencies – eMAD

Fabrication of hybrid electric bike with switching control

Android App Controlled Hydraulic Jack Using Bluetooth

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