Instagram has announced an expansion of its branded content tool, originally launched in June

The ability to use the “Paid Partnership with” tag will now be available to all creator accounts that have access to insights. The branded content tool makes it easier for creators to more clearly communicate when they partner with businesses while providing valuable insights. The expansion of the tool will further increase transparency between creators, brands, and the community. Along with the expanded access, we'll be beginning to alert creators when our systems find content that falls outside of our policy through in-app notifications on Instagram. Once notified, creators will be given the option to tag a business partner. These notifications are intended to help creators adopt the “Paid Partnership with” tag and drive greater transparency on Instagram. Today, you can see Cristiano Ronaldo, Star Wars, and British Vogue already leveraging the tool, ultimately driving meaningful value and engagement back to the businesses they partner with.

Expanding Access to theBranded Content Tool on Instagram.


Since introducing the branded content tool in June,1creators on Instagram have been able to easily communicate when they areworking with a business. This means more transparency for people whenever they swipe,share and explore their passions on our platform. Today we are expandingavailability of the tool to Instagrammers with high levels of engagement andaccess to insights. This expansion will allow us to continue to learn howcreators, businesses and the community engage with branded content. Over thepast few months, we've been monitoring community sentiment and businesses andcreators using the branded content tool. What we've learned is the brandedcontent tool provides valuable insights2 to businesses, and is making it easierfor creators like Xenia Tchoumi (@xenia) to clearly communicate when they areworking in partnership with a business.


Quote from branded content user:


“My Instagram is aboutsharing my life and my experiences with people. Whether it's my travels or anew product I'm excited about, transparency is a key component for interactingwith my community. With the branded content tag, I'm able to be fully transparentabout my commercial relationships on Instagram and that transparency extends tothe businesses that I partner with in the form of analytics.” – Xenia Tchoumi(@xenia) Now creators that have access to the branded content tool will receivein-app notifications when our systems find content that falls outside of ourpolicy. In these cases, the content's creator will be notified through theInstagram app and will have the option to tag a business. These notificationsare intended to make it easier to use the “Paid Partnership with” tag andeducate the community on the Instagram's branded content.


What's Ahead?


Better understanding how the community engages withbranded content will help us offer more flexibility to creators and businessesusing the tool. Over time, our goal is to make it simple for all Instagrammersto identify commercial relationships on Instagram. 

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