Instagram #KindComments Mural– Helping Spread Positivity and Kindness to the Community

12 November 2017, Mumbai - As a symbol of its commitment to creating a safe and positive space for the online community in India, Instagram today unveiled the #KindComments wallat St+art Mumbai 2017, created in collaboration with emerging street artists Do x Khatra. With the theme of Kind Comments, Instagram is encouraging its communities to think more about how they can contribute to keeping Instagram a kind and positive place for everyone. The #KindComments wall in Mumbai follows several global product tools, community-focused initiatives, and global programs to help keep Instagram a positive and safe place for self-expression. Commitment to the community continues to be priority for Instagram, especially as more people join the platform – which has grown to 800 million monthly active accounts, with more than 500 million of them using it every day.

The wall was unveiled by guests of honor – Poonam Mahajan, Member ofParliament from Mumbai’s North Central Constituency, President of the BharatiyaJanata Party Yuva Morcha and the President of the Maharashtra BasketballAssociation; comedian and actor, MallikaDua along with Tanuja Babre, Programme Coordinator at iCALL Psychosocial Helpline, Tata Institute ofSocial Sciences who attended the event,in support of the global Instagram #KindComments movement. The unveiling wasfollowed by an Instameet organized by community advocate Yash Kamini Rane(@chefyash) with 100 Instagram community members from the city of Mumbai, whocame together to add live #KindComments, building upon the spirit of positivitythe movement aims to inspire.


Designed to inspirepositivity in the community

 Instagramcollaborated with street artist duo with NikunjPrajapati as Do and Siddharth Gohil as Khatra to bring the spirit of#KindComments alive on the mural. The artists met in art school and have beencollaborating since 2013 to create unique art using 3D Graffiti, Imaginativecharacters and Typography. The duo came together at the festival to create ananamorphic mural of a hand gesture forming the symbol of a heart placed on agraffiti background that is made using different words including kind commentsin various languages, emojis and symbols. The composition is designed to createan optical illusion of two hands coming together from different walls andforming a heart gesture, united by kind comments.



TaraBedi, Public Policy andCommunity Outreach, Instagram, India -  “Evenin the online space, community and connections remain a cornerstone of beinghuman – which is why Instagram takes our commitment to building a safe andpositive community so seriously. Through the #KindComments movement, and otherwellbeing initiatives, we want to make Instagram the kindest and safest space forpeople to express themselves and connect with other people that share theirpassions.”

Comedian and actor, Mallika Dua -  “We have seen amazingexamples of how the local Instagram community has helped drive positive changes– from addressing the stigma of mental health to championing body positivity.Initiatives like #KindComments are so important because they remind people ofthe importance of positivity and the capacity they have to make a difference.In an age where social media has become a carrier of hateand cyber bullying, Instagram has managed to create and maintaina positive and happy space that thrives on love and creativity as opposed tohate and controversy and #KindComments reiterates that philosophy.”  


PoonamMahajan, Member of Parliament from Mumbai’s North Central Constituency,President of the Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha and the President of theMaharashtra Basketball Association - “Behavioursonline and offline are not mutually exclusive, which is why it is so importantto cultivate a culture of positivity online. By understanding and encouraging amore supportive digital environment on platforms like Instagram, we aim to notonly make it a safe digital space, but to also make a positive change in peoplein the real world.”


Tanuja Babre, Programme Coordinator at iCALLPsychosocial Helpline, Tata Institute of Social Sciences - “One of the major factorsthat determine and contribute to our emotional and mental well-being isday-to-day interactions with our loved ones and community. With technology andsocial media playing a larger role in how we communicate, it is imperative thatpro-active measures be taken by various stakeholders to create a positivedigital space. Initiatives like these contribute to fostering positive self-esteemand compassion in emerging adults, which is crucial for a positiveself-construct."


In addition to the #KindComments wall in India,Instagram has conducted several other events that allow local Instagrammers tomeet in real life, in a safe and positive environment. This includes over 20local community organized Instagram meet-ups on the recent 16th Worldwide InstaMeet, and #TodayIMet, an Instagram project which helped a group of verydiverse Indian teens build empathy for each other through a shared photographyexperience and inspire creativity in an increasingly visual world; among others. 

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