Inter Class Commerce Fest- Capitaux 2017 at Mount Carmel PU College, Bangalore

Bangalore 1st September: Mount Carmel PU College, Bangalore is hosted Inter Class Commerce Fest- Capitaux 2017. With regard to this 10 events relating to commerce are conducted over a week and hosting the Valedictory Program on 30th, August 2017 at 9:00 am and Vaishnavi as the chief guest from the Kannada Film Industry .

InterClass Commerce Fest- Capitaux 2017  initiative by MCC will engage  the studentsthrough various platforms in commerce and  Understanding the need of theyouth to communicate effectively and stay updated, 

The eventsconducted are: 

1. Editor'sCorner- Commerce Newsletter a great way to communicate ideas and updated onwhat is new and interesting related to commerce activities is presented in theform of a newsletter. 

2. ChannelSurfing- Creating a web page- what would be better than an event based onsocial media. The basic theme of this event is to come up with a new productand with a tag line and endorse the brand is social media. 

3. CorporateRoadies- Corporate personalities with controversial background is given to thecontestant for role play and are asked to convince the financiers and jury tobail them out and rectify their misdoings. 

4. JAM- JustA Minute- The objective of this event is to enhance the common skills. Theparticipants should talk for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition of wordsor deviation.  

5.Compendium- Participants cover all the events of capitaux and make a video withapproximately of 300 photos.  

6. I- EXPO-Business Pot Purri and letting the participants to present their skills bypresenting the Business Models.  

7. MarketMayhem- Brings out the marketing skills of the students for branding andpacking of a product which is usually does not require packing. 

8. ADZAP-Bring out the Advertisement skills of students and letting them work and shootan advertisement with a radio jingle. 

9. CorporateSparks- A recruitment process carried out for letting the students experiencethe initial stage for getting recruited into a Company. 

10. Sudoku-A multi sudoku test the mental capability of a student in solving the numbergame. 

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