Introducing ‘Axis Aha!’ – An AI-led Virtual Assistant to Enhance Online Customer Experience

Mumbai, June , 2018: ‘Conversational Banking’ has turned a new leaf with the launch of ‘Axis Aha!’, an efficient virtual assistant powered by cutting-edge technology which includes proprietary Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This unique chatbot provides relevant and contextual responses to customer queries and even helps make transactions on the chat window itself. Customers can initiate transactions either through voice or chat. This transactional innovation is a ground-breaking way to enable customers to execute transactions, explore products and avail banking services using simple words used in our daily conversations.

Currentlyhosted on the home page of the Bank website,, ‘AxisAha!’ is capable of performing diverse actions like fund transfer, billpayments, recharges and also manage card limits, block credit and debit cards,besides others. The voice and chat interface also provides customers anopportunity to query on any of his banking needs. Axis Aha is a part of theBank’s continuous endeavor to simplify banking by through the extensive use oftechnology. This interface will gradually be extended to the Mobile banking appand the Internet Banking application. 

Sharing histhoughts on the launch of ‘Axis Aha!’, Praveen Bhatt, Head - DigitalBanking & Customer Experience, Axis Bank, said, “The launchof ‘Axis Aha!’ takes the customer-centricity approach of the bank to anentirely different level as it lays a very strong foundation for artificialintelligence based voice and chat enabled ‘conversational banking’. In atime starved world, Axis Aha with its unique action orientation offerscustomers the benefit of completing simple transactions either through voice orchat in the very moment without having to navigate through any other channel. 

To get asense of how ‘Axis Aha!’ works, you may click on the link to the video here

Some uniquefeatures of ‘Axis Aha!’ are as follows:

State ofthe art technology: 

‘Axis Aha!’is powered by cutting-edge algorithms leveraging concepts of artificialintelligence and machine learning

It iscapable of crafting intelligent micro-conversations to guide, execute, suggest,remind and simplify basic banking for the customers.

The chatbotresides on a comprehensive banking knowledge base along with self-learningalgorithms continuously improve the experience. 


‘Axis Aha!’currently provides the following capabilities – funds transfer, bill payment,recharge, block card, manage debit card.

Upcomingfeatures include ordering cheque book, card pin set /reset, card limit change,download e-statement / loan statement, apply for loans , cards, etc.

The chatbotis fast; customers can straight away state their needs and it will be servicedwithout getting lost in the sea of navigation panels.

o   Italso can answer and guide customers with their queries regarding Axis Bankproducts and services, address grievances, apart from tracking applicationstatus as well as reporting fraud.

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