ISH International launches Coolsense- Pain Numbing Applicator

Pune, March 26th 2018: For people who need frequent insulin injections, children who go through a battery of inoculations, or those on drips — here is a novel innovation that takes the sting off injections.

It is a common fear, knownas trypanophobia. For around 10 per cent of the population in India suffer fromthe phobia. The thought of going to the doctors for an injection invokes adeep-rooted sense of dread. Many avoid the doctor's surgery altogether, leavingthemselves open to the risk of various illnesses and infections. But for thoseterrified of needles, a team of researchers at CoolSense have the answer. Theyhave developed a new device, to ease the pain of an injection. 

Their invention numbs the skinprior to the jab by producing a rapid chemical reaction to cool the patient'sskin. 

Needles are usually seen asa necessary evil, but maybe they don't have to be. Plenty of painlessalternatives are in the place. Newer technologies are coming up to seekbetter means of managing pain. According the research total number of peoplesuffering diabetic in India at present is around 10 crore and 25 % of thesepatients depend on insulin especially children. E-CoolSense is India’s firstlocal anesthetic device which provides pain relief and prevents the skin frombeing harmed and burned during the injection. 

For decades, drawing bloodhas meant a healthcare professional inserts a long needle into a vein or lancesa fingertip – both of which are laborious and painful. With E-CoolSense, peoplecan experience a virtually painless and simple process. 

E-CoolSense is a Painnumbing application device which is a developed afteryears of extensive R&Dby the parent company CoolSense LTD. A revolutionary, though simple, hand-helddevice,it anesthetizes the site of injections by a Cryo system with nochemicals and no after effects. The E-CoolSense's head unit includes adisinfection mechanism, containing an alcoholic gel. The gel is spread over theapplicator's metal surface, serving as an additional protection against a skincold-burn. 

The device has the abilityto freeze the sting area and paralyze the nerve sensation for several seconds,in such a way that the stabbing pain is not felt. The device is reusable. Thedevice is based on cooling the E- Coolsense lowers the skin temperature from 12degrees Celsius to minus of 2 degrees Celsius, which affects the nervoussystem. When stored in a freezer compartment, the device is immediately readyfor use. It numbs the site of injection within 3-5 seconds. 

Speaking about the productMr. Shailesh Kulkarni, Managing Patner CoolSense Said, “There is a strongmarket need for this type of technology across numerous channels, such asreference labs, hospitals, retail pharmacies, doctors' offices, wellnessscreenings, molecular diagnostics testing, athlete monitoring, and clinicaltrials. In these settings, E-CoolSense can offer a more efficient method and agreatly improved patient experience.” 

Stressing on the importanceMr, Nitin Dighe said, Managing Patner CoolSense “Such methods are usefulor sustainable for babies, children, adults and also elderly people.E-CoolSense is a device which can be used in various clinics, hospitals andhome too for painless injection procedures. We are targeting anyone who has toget an injection, which is nearly everyone. But the device is especiallyapplicable to people who are more susceptible to pain. As such, he said, it isparticularly useful for children and the elderly. It is intended for use duringprocedures 'where you have to get shots in more sensitive areas of the body,such as the face or the groin.”

 Sharing his views on theoccasion, Dr.Pankaj Gupta (M.D.), National co-convener of PrivatePractitioner’s Forum of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA), a seasonedpractioner in Nashik, while emphasizing on the need for having a device likeCoolsense, said, “ “Most children dislike needles and are quite anxious aboutthem; some develop a considerable fear (Trypanophobia). Almost all children& adults have no option but to have an IV cannulation when admitted inhospital for various reasons, the experience can be extremely traumatic &leaves bad memories of the hospital stay. During immunization & vaccinationof children, a Coolsense will make the pin prick a pain free & happyexperience for all. 10 crore people in India suffer from diabetes & manyrequire Insulin injections repeatedly every day, Coolsense can be a boon forall these patients.” 

Further stressing on thepoint he added, “Coolsense can be effectively used for patients onDialyses, Chemotherapy administration, Cosmetic surgery & Dermatology forBOTOX injections on the face, Ophthalmologist/ ENT surgeon/General surgeon forvarious minor procedures while injecting local anaesthesia, for bloodcollection by the pathologist & also during blood donation camps. As anAnaesthesiologist I would say “For all the pleasures in life, relievingsomeone’s pain is our biggest gift to mankind”. "And Coolsense is the oneperfect medical device I recommend to use to relieve the pain to ensure ourmotto.” 

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