ISticker unveils E-book for Architects and Designers to build a One-Page Marketing Blueprint

Bengaluru, 20th April, 2017: iSticker, a global platform for architects and designers, unveils the first of its kind e-book especially curated for design industry professionals. This free e-book, penned down by the CEO, founder and inventor of iSticker- Mr. Chetan K. Singh is readily available on the company blog.

E-book- “One Page Marketing Plan for Architects and Interior Designers” serves as a useful guide to create the marketing blueprint for Architects and Interior Designers. Through the medium of this free e-book, Mr. Singh has emphasised the importance of first creating a simple one-page marketing plan and then implementing it to establish the right branding for the firm or even individual and eventually get many more projects. This e-book focuses on helping Architects and Designers to create their distant positioning, define niche and based on this, chalk out the communication strategy that eventually aids in capturing more project leads. The e-book also defines how to nurture the leads to convert them into happy clients and consequently, build long-term relationships.

On the occasion of the launch of this e-book, Mr. Chetan K. Singh, CEO, founder and inventor of iSticker and a designer said, “I suffered in my design practice because I didn’t know how to market my firm and its services. When I lost money, I became a student of marketing. While design schools churn out young scholars as excellent designers, they generally don’t focus enough on building their marketing capabilities. As a result, the designer might create stunning designs but generally lack the capability to present them in front of the world.”

He further added, “There is no need to get another marketingdegree. Fortunately, there is enough knowledge available in the form ofe-books, audio books and articles that any designer can easily learn to markethis services and hence, excel in his practice. My e-book is just a humbleeffort in this direction. The only difference is that it is relatable to designpractice as it comes out of my day-to-day struggles and how I overcame them.”

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