ITC launches Nimyle in Bangalore

Bangalore, April 25th, 2019: ITC Ltd, one of India’s premier multi-business conglomerates, announced its foray into the floor cleaner segment in Bengaluru recently with the brand Nimyle – 100% natural action floor cleaner. Nimyle was launched with a special event held at Customer Information Centre, ITC Infotech. Floors are the most susceptible and yet visible part of our homes; they get dirty, attract germs, accumulate spills and still remain an important element within every home. Nimyle- Herbal Neem is a natural action cleaner that harnesses the goodness of Neem. Nimyle’s unique formulation ensures 99.9% germ kill making the floor safe for the entire family.

With a heritage of over 20 years, Nimyle is a chlorine-free product designed to effectively kill germs and clean your floors and conforms to the quality, performance and safety expectations from an eco-friendly product. The Nimyle range of products is designed with several naturally derived ingredients and completely excludes any chlorine based active systems in the formulation.

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive – Personal Care, ITC Limited, stated, “Keeping in line with ITC’s commitment to support innovative product portfolios, we are focused on creating highly useful, differentiated and sustainable products to break the clutter in any category. Through Nimyle, we are looking at bringing back the traditional goodness of neem through products that are relevant to the modern households. This is a market which exercises its preference towards natural products and hence we believe Nimyle will be a great choice of every household.”

Dr. Ramasamy Annadurai, Principal Scientist at the ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre who has worked extensively in the study of Neem stated, “For centuries now, neem has been an integral part of the Indian health and hygiene system. While the plant has often been considered as a backyard pharmacy due to its medicinal and remedial measures, its efficacies are somewhere getting lost amidst our modernity. Nimyle not only holds the promise of the goodness of neem but also stands as a testimony to the natural cleaning properties of the plant. We believe that its unique 100% Natural Action will not only kill germs but also leave the floor clean without a residue of chlorine, ensuring greater safety for both children and pets alike. Through Nimyle, we want to highlight the power of neem to keep our floors clean.

For centuries, Neem has been recognized in India for its possession of powerful medicinal and healing properties. Due to its antiallergenic, antidermatic, antifeedant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and insecticidal properties, it is revered as the most versatile plant known with its relevance being noted in Ayurvedic medicine. The United Nations has named Neem as the tree of the 21st Century.

The Nimyle Floor Cleaner- Herbal Neem, for 475ml is priced at INR 74, while the 1ltr variant is priced at INR 141.

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