Ivanka makes great first impression with her speech

Well begun is half-done. It holds true in Public Speaking too. The beginning has to be a bang. That is what exactly Ms. Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President of United States and Head of the US delegation at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 did. Ivanka’s speech at the ongoing GES Summit 2017 at Hyderabad started off well and she carried it on well till the end. A winning start means a winning finish.

She was thecynosure of all eyes at the Summit. She began her speech with a good and wholehearted smile, and greeted by saying “Hello everyone, thank you beinghere and for incredibly warm welcome”. 

DescribingHyderabad as “quickly emerging innovation hub”, she stole thehearts of the people of the city. It was a well thought after statement toquickly connect with the audience. Her heaping praise on the Prime MinisterNarendra Modi further strengthened the connection. Her twenty plus minutesspeech was well-crafted and well worded. She used appropriate and choicestwords to describe India, its achievements and Indo-US relationships. Words havepower, they can inspire, and they can destroy too. Good play of words helpedher forge great bonding with her audience. 

When shesaid, people of India inspire us, it drew instant cheers and applause from theaudience. Not to forget the mention of Satya Nadella, T-Hub, City of Pearls,Hyderabad Biryani etc. 

She painteda beautiful picture in the minds of the audience about the GES 2017 and itspurpose. We hear through our ears, but, she made her audience to see throughtheir ears.  

She kept hersentences short, made punchy and memorable. 

Her wholehearted laugh made people more inquisitive to listen to her with all the moreinterest. 

Ivanka cameacross as a confident and persuasive speaker. Many persuasive words she useddid the magic.  She appeared cool and composed while delivering hermessage at the HICC in Hyderabad today.   

She spokefrom her heart, with passion and conviction. She had a clear and appealingvoice, excellent body language and good eye contact. It appealed to me that shehas a trained voice. 

Her teamresearched well on the content.   She was well prepared,practiced, and made a great delivery much to the delight of her audience. Sheexpressed herself and her thoughts well. 

It’s notwhat you say, it’s the way you say it and how do you look when you say thatmatters the most to the audience. I have observed in facilitating PublicSpeaking training the last 15years that people will forget what you said,people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made themfeel, when you spoke. She made people great.  

She hasscored full marks on her excellent delivery, body language, which seem to beher assets. Both these put together can ensured the 92 per cent success of herspeech.  

She spokefrom heart, so she could deliver and connect well with her audience. And herbody language was fully in sync with her narrative. She was a very good storyteller. Her smile, warmth, appropriate gestures all have gone well with herspeech. 

She usedpauses well to her advantage. She has used excellent voice modulation skills.Her emphasis on certain words also added a graphic effect to her presentation.In her 20 minutes long speech she also used “thank you”, many times(12 times tobe more precise) than required.  

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