Jacqueline Fernandez goes global with Nova eyewear brand

11th June, 2018, Mumbai: Nova Eyewear, the global eyewear brand from the house of Vision Rx Lab, introduced the gorgeous and stunning Bollywood diva, the winner of Miss Sri Lankan Universe pageant 2006, Jacqueline Fernandez as their first ever global brand ambassador in the wake of completion of a decade. Jacqueline will be promoting Nova Eyewear’s latest range of lenses, powered sunglasses and frames internationally. The evening saw huge pomp & show, while unveiling the name Jacqueline Fernandez as the global face for the brand Nova Eyewear, in the presence of Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Vision Rx Lab, who addressed the media during the announcement.

Nova Eyewear has been operating in the Indian market for more than a decade, and by now, its infrastructural set-up comprises 19 manufacturing labs, including digital labs, and 16 service centers that are spread across the country. Associating with the elegant Jacqueline Fernandez as the face of the brand is going to be regal for them to reach out to their target audience at large. Jacqueline will be promoting Nova Eyewear’s new range of trendy eyewear (powered sunglasses, lens & frames), which exhibit sheer sophistication and style and ensures that people with eye power do not need to compromise with aesthetics when it comes to vision correction and eye protection. Nova Eyewear caters to all genders, ages and lifestyles, acknowledging the spirit of the ever so dynamic and eclectic trend and fashion conscious contemporary crowd.

The brand Nova Eyewear has always been synonymous with fashion keeping in mind the aspect of vision correction and eye protection from the harmful UV rays and blue light, catering to the visual needs of modern consumers leading an active life.                                                               

Jacqueline Fernandez gushed in excitement as she spoke onthe brand association, “Nova Eyewear is one such global eyewear brand whicheffectively addresses the need of vision correction and protection withoutcompromising on aesthetics, by combining high technology and high fashion. I amoverwhelmed to partner them at this juncture of my career to represent the brandnot only in India but internationally.”

Speaking on this momentous ceremony, Chief Business Officerof Vision Rx Lab for the flagship brand Nova, Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta said, “Weare available across 25 countries worldwide offering a bouquet of premiumeye-care solutions, ranging from advanced digital lenses to fashionable frames,powered sunglasses and swimming goggles etc. Nova Eyewear caters to allgenders, ages and lifestyles, acknowledging the spirit of the ever so dynamicand eclectic trend and fashion conscious crowd of today. Jacqueline is one ofthe most fashionable Bollywood celebrities, who has not only received immensefame in a short span of time but also has successfully influenced and awed allher fans with her casual yet chic style statement and fit personality.  We are hopeful and sure that Jacqueline’sassociation with Nova will not only refresh regular style codes but alsoelevate the fashion statement of the generation making them conscious about eyecare in general. We also wish Jacqueline the very best for her upcoming starprojects.”

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