Jayadeva Institute has conducted 200 free Angioplasties

Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Government run autonomous Institute at Bengaluru and Mysuru has conducted the Angioplasty & Stenting Procedure for 200 poor patients from 10th October 2017. Stents were given free of cost to all these patients. According to Dr. C N Manjunath, performing 200 Angioplasties in just 4 days is technically demanding, it was possible because the Institute has got 7 Cathlabs, 60 full time Cardiologists and excellent technical and nursing staff.

Dr. C.N.Manjunath said Heart attack related diseases is steadily increasingeven among poor people, rural areas and is occurring at younger ages.  Theyoungest patient in the workshop was 28 year old male (Mason) and the eldest patient is 85 years old male (Sr.Citizen).  Out of 200 patients – 18% arefemale and others are male.  25% of themwere below 50 years.  The main riskfactors among this workshop patients are Diabetes – 35%, Hypertension – 51%,Smokers – 40% and 50% with high cholesterol level.  “Heart attack related disease is no more adisease of elite class and elderly population, it is also affecting the youngerage group, women and poor people. Patients expressed their gratitude to Dr.Subramani, Medtronic USA and Jayadeva Institute for this noble work.


Pre discharge counseling session which was arranged for thesepatients,   Dr. G. Subramaniadvised them not to stop blood thinning medicines (Aspirin and Clopidogrel)otherwise it may lead to heart attack, optimal control of Hypertension,Diabetes along with low fat diet, more of vegetables and daily walking wasadvised.





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